• When: 2018-06-26
  • QIC: Overage
  • The PAX: Dance Machine, Toe Ring, House, Spackle, Breaker Breaker, Whisper, Shank, Crack, Bulldog, Good Hands, Weekend Special, Netflix, Short Haul, Nature Boy, Mid-Range, Overage

A Bucket O’ Suck at the Graveyard

Conditions: 70 and clear

Intro, Disclaimer and Prayer

YHC found himself on the Q sheet celebrating my birthday at two different AO’s this morning! Props to Banjo for taking my Q at CAT, so that I could honor my commitment to the men of Graveyard. The PAX totally blew me away with a birthday serenade once the hard work was finished! A most hearty Thank You!
I had never been to G.Y. so I was unsure of the facility, and I was unable to pull off any real recon of the AO. So I brought a compact workout that can be done most anywhere…The Bucket O’ Suck. Basically, a set of playing cards is tossed into a bucket with each card representing a different exercise. The reps are determined by the card value. I knew the PAX of Graveyard would be up for it, so I removed any card below a 5 and added a few extra Jokers. Each Joker was worth 10 burpees! In order to keep the pace up, I asked that the next PAX up not complete his last rep and start working on pulling the next card. That way we reduced the amount of downtime and kept momentum.

SSH x 15
TTT x 15
LBAC’s x 46 forward in honor of my B-Day

The Thang:
The PAX formed a circle around the bucket and took turns bear crawling over and pulling a card.

Round 1
Hearts = Curls for the Girls
Clubs = Overhead Presses
Diamonds = Merkins
Spades = Block Squats

Round 2
Hearts = Dips on your block
Clubs = Shin Huggers
Diamonds = Big Boy Situps
Spades = Monkey Jumpers

We moseyed back to the Shovel Flag.

Prayer Requests:
The Mother-In-Law/s for Rebar and Floppy Disk

Graveyard Shirt Thursday – This week!
Next Shirt order planned for July
August Convergence with Detention – Alternate leading workouts
Sweet Baby O 5K – August 5
Stomp the Swamp 5K – August 26