• When: 2021-06-17
  • The PAX: Keychain, Blue Bloods, Black Betty, Twerk, Tinker, Skid Mark, Bogey

9 Round Beatdown for the Pax of Surge


Posted For Bogey 

Weather: 64, cool and crisp

Circle Up, Disclaimer and Prayer:

Mosey behind the lunchroom

SSH x 10ic

TTT x 10ic

LBAC x 10ic

Reverse LBAC x 10ic

1 Lap to the school entrance and back.

Today’s workout was nine stacked rounds.


Round 1 – 5 burpees

Round 2, repeat round 1 and add 10 merkins.

Round 3, repeat round 2 and add 15 block swings.

Round 4, repeat round 3 and add 20 block squats.

Round 5, repeat round 4 and add 25 curls for the girls.

Round 6, repeat round 5 and add 30 big boys.

Round 7, repeat round 6 and add 50 side straddle hops.

Round 8, repeat round 7 and add 75 LBC’s.

Round 9, repeat round 8 and originally planned on 100 block presses but reduced to 50.  (most pax still completed 100).


Dad camp – August 20-22 – Possibly sold out.

Convergence this Saturday at The Hollow.

Running Saturday at the church and Sunday from Lowes.

Hewitt Foundation 5K – Saturday, June 26th

St. Jude’s 100 Mile Challenge in July, any and all are welcome to join Bluebloods to honor his uncle and make donations to St. Jude’s in his uncles memory.


Psalm 121:2 My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth!

Prayer Requests:

Key Chains son who is at away at camp alone for the first time.

Black Betty’s son who woke up with the sniffles.  

Any and all unspoken.

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