• When: 2021-06-17
  • QIC: Sunday Driver
  • The PAX: Dance Off; Granola (R); Buttermaker (R); Canseco; Simon Says; Hatchet; Pick Axe; DARPA; Booster; Sunday Driver

The Danish Delight

Its been a while since your YHC has posted in a while.  Today was a good day to get back into the fold.  Snagged the Q to guarantee that I would post and get myself started back into a routine.  I brought some nice cool weather with me that morning but it did not help keep us from breaking a sweat with the work that was done.  Lets get into the morning:



The Thang

TTT ICx10;  Imperial Walkers ICx10;  Merkins OYOx10;  LBAC ICx 15;  RLBACx 15; OHC ICx15;  Dirty Birdx15; Raise the Roofx15

Mosey to back parking lot to start Merkivators

SSH x202;  Merkins x55

Mosey to the block pile to get a block and went to the center of the track between the stairs and the playset to begin:  The Danish Delight!

You begin by running from the middle of the track up the stairs to the front of the boat to do 5 Burpees;  Run back down the stairs to the middle of the boat where you will do the heavy lifting exercise with your block.  Then sprint to the end of the boat and do 10 Side Straddle Hops then run back to the middle.  Rinse and repeat doing a different block exercise in the middle each time a PAX returns until time is called.  Block exercise’s were:

Curls for the Girls x20;  Tricep Extensions x20;  Overhead Press x20;  TayPalms x20;  Block Squats x20;  Block Swings x20; Block Merkins x20;  Block Big Boy Situps x20 and Chest Press x20

Returned blocks and moseyed back to the shovel flag

MoleSkin:  Did the whole set of Merkivators since there was not Wapner to toss a shoe at me 


Announcements:  Blood Connection – impact community by giving blood – located next to Salsarita’s complex;   F3 camping trip Aug 20th – spots limited;  Movie Night Gathering – see Canseco (possible horror films or kid films)

Prayer Requests:  Dance Off – safe travels during baseball tournament in North Augusta;  Granola – Aunt for recovery on broken shoulder and co-workers health;  Cheech’s family;  No Show on his trip for upcoming surgery

Devotion:  Luke 8: 26-40  Read one of my favorite stories from when I was a kid and how it has changed for me as I became an adult.  Dealt with Jesus casting a mans demons out of him giving him clarity and life back.  Spoke of how I struggle with stress and how this allows me to make poor and irresponsible decisions that hurt me and family and friends.  How I bottle up these stressors and end up hurting relationships around me and go down a path that eventually leads to a crossroads.  Challenged PAX to not be afraid to use the Good Lord in conversation to overcome these challenges (demons) that plague us as well as reaching out to our F3 brothers and any other resources so as not to battle these challenges (demons) alone.  

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