• When: 2022-01-13
  • The PAX: Cheers, Garth, Coon Dog, Run Away, Soaker, Ponzi, Ken Doll, Lego

46 Trips Around The Sun Q

YHC was a little slow on putting his name on the Q Schedule.  By time I looked, my Birthday Q slot was already filled by Coon Dog.  Decided to not advertise the change up, hoping more pax would show up for a Disorganized Train wreck from Coon Dog, than an organized train wreck from Lego.  That may or may not have happened.

WEATHER: 30 Degrees, winter is finally here.



Mosey to the block pile and get your very own block.


Start with 15 Thrusters and farmer’s carry to the light (30 yards away). 14 thrusters at other end.  Continue decreasing one rep until you get down to 5.  Plank for the 6. Total reps = 110 reps.

ROUND TWO: Rinse and Repeat with Merkins.

ROUND THREE: Rinse and Repeat with Bonnie Blairs.  Coon Dog’s favorite

ROUND FOUR: Rinse and Repeat with curls.  Carry the Block overhead.

The wenkie had burpees listed as Round Five, but we ran out of time.

Return Blocking, and mosey back to shelter.  We had one minute to spare and Cheers was demanding his money’s worth, se we did people’s chair for last minute.


Run for Digits 1/29/22




No man is a rock 100% of the time.  No man is an island.  Do not fool yourself into thinking you can handle life by yourself.  Seek help from God and Friends/brothers.




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