• When: 2022-06-30
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Cheers, Garth (R), Ramrod, Lego, Brick, Coon Dog, Soaker

4 Corners of Blocks and Bricks

Brick teed up this workout with a reference to dad jokes. Nothing gets the juices flowing like a good set of dad jokes. YHC came prepared to let a few fly but the other pax stepped up as well. Some really good ones were told, and some were real duds (mostly mine). All in all, these studs are hard workers and comedians. In my opinion, these are top notch dudes. Let me just say that people that need their opinions validated are really irritating. Am I right?

4 pax crushed some miles during SL. They were nice and loose for the upcoming fun. 

Coon Dog was kind enough to tell me the correct time because my watch is consistently 2 minutes fast. 

Weather: cooler temp but daggum, the humidity was freakin’ high.

1 minute warning given at 5:28, disclaimer, no FNG’s, open in prayer.

Mosey to the field somewhat close to the block pile.

SSH x 25 IC, Michael Phelps x 15 IC, TTT x 10 IC.

Mosey to the next field where blocks and bricks were already lined up for the dudes. 

Thang took place around 1 soccer field.

4 rounds of the following:

Corner 1 – Blocks – 25 curls, 25 tricep extensions.

Corner 2, 3, and 4 – Bricks – 25 lateral raises, 25 merkins, 25 lbc’s (at each corner).

Yep, 16 corners conquered. At the end, the pax were feeling fresh and ready for more so blocks were used for 25 OH presses and 25 bent over rows.


Blocks and bricks returned to the secret hiding place and then mosey back to the flag.


Month of July – Carolina Reaper, F3 Pool Party, Newberry Fun Run, Soaker’s 27th wedding anniversary

August – Stomp the Swamp, F3 Dad’s Camp, Jailbreak Escape

September – 9/11 Challenge

Prayer Requests:

Pax with cancer

Lauren – high school grad with Coon Dog. She passed away leaving behind 3 children and a husband. Family needs prayer.

Close in prayer.

Devo: Verses from Psalm 139 – wherever we go, God is there. This is an encouragement to those belonging to him and a warning to those who are resisting him. Be grateful if you are seeking after him and be in prayer for those who are resisting.


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