• When: 2022-06-30
  • QIC: The Axe
  • The PAX: You vs. You

PREBLAST for 6/30/22: Not Your Momma’s Axe

“…And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the ring (axe) passed out of all knowledge.” – Galadriel from Lord of the Rings

After becoming AOQ at the beginning of the year, it was finally determined that YHC could be trusted with the knowledge that there was once a Woodshed-specific challenge known simply as “The Axe”. I have spent the past few months talking with older (much older), wiser PAX and examining ancient scrolls to uncover the truth and details of this event. While much of its history is still being unveiled, I have embarked on the challenge of resurrecting this event in a slightly altered format.

Tomorrow, #TheAxe returns.


0530 – A 10-minute warmup/wait-on-the-PAX-to-arrive will begin near the shovel flag in the main parking lot. We will go over the details and then proceed to the start point, which will be at the corner of the building near the field. With 30 minutes on the clock, we will begin a circuit of exercises that we will repeat until time is up. (Scoring system further below)

Station 1: 7 Hand-Release Burpees
Move to Station 2 (cinder block in front of the locked playground gate)

Station 2: 20 Squats
Move to Station 3 (cinder block at the start of the circus loop)

Station 3: 20 Big Boy Sit-ups
Run circus loop counterclockwise (a.k.a. anti-clockwise), across the grass to Station 4 (cinder block in main AO parking lot)

Station 4: 20 Hand-Release Merkins
Move to Station 5 (also Station 1/Start Point)

Station 5: Hit a tire with a sledgehammer 10x. If all sledgehammers are occupied, begin Station 1 (Hand-Release Burpees) and do Sledgehammering after.
Repeat all stations until 30 minutes is expired.

Scoring System
2 points are earned for each station completed meaning 1 full lap = 10 points.

If time is called in the middle of a station, you will get partial credit based on the # of reps. For all 20 rep exercises, each rep is 0.1 points. For Hand-Release Burpees, each rep is 0.3 points.

Good luck to all and SYITG… Aye!

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