• When: 2020-04-11
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Pickaxe, Hatchet, Altar Boy, Wapner, Little Giants, Sunday Driver, Globogym, Booster

4.11.20 6:30am F3LexSC virtual zoom workout- Flip a coin… and Would you rather?


PAX were told to bring a coin with them to their workout location to be a part of the workout. All complied and we had a great time. This zoom thing is growing on me, and it is WAY better than working out by myself.

Condtions- mid 30s or so


Disclaimer, prayer 

Warmup, all IC- SSH, through the tunnel, arm circles forward and back, overhead claps, dirty birds, imperial walkers, mountain climbers.

Next, PAX went one by one and flipped a coin. Heads was an upper body exercise and tails was lower body with number of reps associated. Once an exercise was completed, that was out of the mix. After we went through the PAX once, we moseyed for about 2 min and then went with “Would you rather?”… same format except PAX could pick which of the two they wanted. Went through the PAX again, moseyed for 2 min and then finished up flipping a coin for Mary exercises until time ran out. The following exercises were completed not in the same ordered performed… as this is only based on memory. We may have done other exercises not mentioned below, and may not have done some that are mentioned below. All exercises. Performed OYO.

  • hand release merkins 10
  • lunges 20
  • closed grip merkins 10
  • shoulder press 40
  • squats 30
  • squat jumps 20
  • shoulder taps 10
  • bobby hurleys 20
  • calf raises 20 each way
  • bonnie blairs 20
  • hydraulics 10
  • gas pumps 20
  • bbsu 20
  • lbc’s 20
  • heel touches 20
  • russian twists 20
  • freddie mercury 20
  • flutter kicks 20
  • scissors 20
  • iron crosses 20
  • boat canoes

name a rama 


devo- with it being Easter weekend, YHC challenged the PAX to read the resurrection in the gospels. What a glorious day when Christ arose.

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