• When: 2019-03-11
  • QIC: Dominion and Hoist
  • The PAX: B&E, Enlisted, Soaker, Cheers, Ponzi, Bonzi, Doodah, Hoist, Wild Hog, Heisneberg (R), Iron Mary, Dominion

12 Pax survive Sprints and a Relay

Late on Sunday, YHC saw there wasn’t a Q listed for Bounty this morning. A few twitter messages later, we had ourselves a Co-Q with Hoist.

Weather: 57 and clear


Mosey to the start line of the track for some COP
SSH x 15
Butt Kicks for 30 feet
Frankenstein’s back for 30 feet

Start off with a 1 mile Fartlick – Sprint the straightaway and mosey the corners – 1 mile

100 yard sprints as a group – Sprint 100 yards on the straight away, mosey the corner and wait on the six – repeat x 8 for a total of a mile

Pass the Q over to Hoist

200 Yard Relays x 8 for a total of a mile
Divided up into teams of 3 (minus 3 others who were doing a slowsey)
Team 1 runs 200 yards to Team 2 – Team 1 stops and waits
Team 2 then runs to Team 3 (who are waiting at the start line) – Team 2 stops and waits
Team 3 runs back to Team 1 (who were waiting from their first sprint)
The cycle continued where each pax had run 8 times

Recover back to Shovel Flag


Gauntlet – first week in April

Prayer Requests:
Waterbug’s Family
Brainiac’s Recovery
Pax that are sick or injured
Destruction down in Alabama from the Storm last week
Blindside and his Family
Kukoc’s Son

The Pax got between 3.25 and 3.5 miles each

Spring forward had no negative effect on this group, as 12 pax showed up this morning

There was plenty of rest time between each 100 yard sprint

One 100 yard sprint was done in honor of Antonio Brown being shipped off from Wild Hog’s Steelers to the Raiders

3 pax modified with a Slowsey organized by Cheers