• When: 2019-03-11
  • QIC: The Bull
  • The PAX: Tapeworm (#DoubleRespect), Alter Boy, Kukoc, Schweddy, Spot, McLovin

Bull 45

6 PAX emerged on this glorious Monday morning, shedding both the lure of the #Fartsack and the residual fallout of Daylight’s Savings to post at the The Bull. The Bull is timeless; whether you have posted there every week or, like YHC, taken off several months between visits to The Bull, this AO still kicks your butt.  This morning, however, the motivation up and down Bull Street was different.  This morning, YHC and those who posted at The Bull, honored the memory of our late brother from F3 Hartsville, Waterbug.

Conditions – 52 and partly cloudy (perfect burpee weather)


The Thang

To honor Waterbug, who passed at age of 45, the PAX, who posted to The Bull, were challenged to complete the following circuits of 45 reps:

  • 9 at base of Bull Street, run up the hill
  • 9 reps at top of hill, run up first tower
  • 9 reps at top of first tower, run up second tower
  • 9 reps at top of second tower, run up third tower
  • 9 reps at top of third tower, then back up Bull Street

Round 1 – Burpees (total of 45 reps)

Round 2 – Catcher Squats (total of 45 reps)

Round 3 – Straight Leg Sit Ups (total of 45 reps)

Round 4 – Hand Release Merkins (total of 45 reps)

COT/BOM – McLovin


  • Great to be back at The Bull. No question that The Bull defines #DRP, and you get better by posting there.
  • T-Claps to Tapeworm, Kukoc and Alter Boy for putting in work at The Bullseye.  Alter Boy was wearing the Cola Blue shirt, remembering his F3 roots.
  • Schweddy was running some route of his own, but came into the COT on fire.  He did work this morning.  Always great posting with Abbeville’s finest.
  • Spot not only crushed the circuit work this morning, but brought along a kettlebell to up the intensity a bit. Spot is one the finest #HIM in all of F3 Nation, and the City of Columbia is fortunate to have him on watch protecting our community.
  • Heavy hearts this morning as we remembered Waterbug and prayed for his F3 brothers and his family in Hartsville. YHC did not know Waterbug personally, but his story seems like so many of the PAX of F3.  What YHC did gleem from Twitter is that Waterbug left his mark on his community, as well as many in F3 Nation outside of South Carolina, by doing one thing well: #LivingThird.  Let his example be a reminder to us all of seeking out opportunities to have a positive impact on each other.