• When: 2019-06-11
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Soaker, Cowbell, Shrink (FNG), Ramrod, Dooda, Nick, Shortboard (FNG), LEGO, Taurasi (R), Raft, Knowzit (R), Big Box, Dunphy, Bonsai, Bing, Cheers

Your Own Volition Workout with Cheers

The PAX were impressed today that YHC used the word “volition” during the disclaimer. So much so, that it was mentioned several times throughout the course of the workout. Whether or not it was to poke fun at YHC or it was genuinely a gesture of admiration, most likely the former, it was such an impactful part of our workout that it had to be included in this backblast. Merriam Webster describes the word “volition” as “one’s own choice; an act of free will by an individual; choosing or willing.” We make choices every day. We choose to fart/smartsack, we choose to be nice to others, we choose our attitudes toward a situation, and we choose whom to spend our life with. We also choose to wake up between 4 and 4:30 am every day to meet up with a bunch of dudes we call “brothers” to perform ridiculous acts of strength, vigor, and physical exhaustion. No matter what the Q calls out, we choose to follow his lead because he is our brother and we are in this with him. Whether making fun of him or not, all jokes aside, YHC is just glad that his brothers decided to enforce their own volition with him this morning.

Here’s how it went today:

Conditions: Cloudy, 70ish, Swampy

Prayer, disclaimer

SSH x10
TTT x 10
LBAC x 9 each way (lost count somehow)

The Thang:

To the block pile, grab a block, and mosey to Shank Hill.

11’s at Hill:
-Iron Cross at bottom x 10
-Bear crawl to top with block
-1 Merkin at the top
-Crawl bear back to bottom with block, iron cross x 9
-Bear crawl back to top with block, Merkins x 2
-Rinse and repeat this pattern going down in number on the iron crosses until you hit zero, and up in number on Merkins until you reach 11.


Mosey to soccer field at the top of the hill and partner up, line up at goal line.

Partner 1 will do curls with blocks x 25, then run the length of the soccer field to the fence and back.
Partner 2 will do LBCs, with a goal of reaching at least 60, but do as many as you can until P1 returns.
Partners switch roles, rinse and repeat.


Now, Partner 1 will do curls with blocks x 25, then run the length of the soccer field to the fence and back.
Partner 2 will do American Hammers with a goal of reaching at least 60, doing as many as possible until P1 returns.


Mosey back to block pile and return blocks

Mosey to shed and grab a spot on the bench

-Dips x 20
-Incline merkins x 20
-Decline merkins x 20

Finish with 1 minute of LBCs, then 1 minute of American Hammers


-If your M is mad that you came home with soaking wet clothes because you rolled around on the ground for 45 minutes, make sure you tell her you acted on your own volition.


-Welcome FNG’s Shortboard and Shrink
-7/4: Ryan Rawl Memorial workout

-Lexington Deputy Roy Hall who was hit by a drunk driver and is out of work for several months, prayers as well for the driver. Go fund me page listed below if you feel led to give.