• When: 10-09-2018
  • QIC: Wee Wee and Escobar
  • The PAX: SunDrop, Lt. Dan, Irrev, Iron Mary, All 9's, Cramps, Hoist, Pole Dance, Drysdale, Abner, Big Al, Butt Dial, Saucy (R), Dominion, Inspector Mom, Kenwood, Flipper, Nail Pop, Escobar, Mulligan, 2 Star, Stalker, Rain Man, Brick, Net Zero, Saget, Refurb, Rec, Up Charge, Ranger (R), Key Chain, WildHog, Heisenberg

Year 1 is in the books

34 PAX rolled in to help us celebrate this AO’s 1st year.

Conditions:  Nice and Muggy

The Thang:

One Minute Warning

Disclaimer that neither myself or Wee Wee are professionals

BOM & Prayer and we counted off


SSH x 34 IC

TTT x 15 IC

34 Burpees OYO

Count off into groups 1 and 2…group 1 started with Wee Wee, group 2 started with Escobar and then switched about halfway through the workout.  The Wee Wee and Escobar Q’s are below:

Wee Wee Q:

Burpee Bearcrawl suicides on the basketball court.

5 Burpees at each line (foul line, mid-court, foul line, and end line)

Plank for the six

Karaoke down and back the full length of the basketball court

Lunge to mid-court line and back

Plank walk sideways to the mid-court and back

Escobar Q:

Line up at light pole and see three light poles along the bus loop…we’ll go out three poles and then come back three poles…we will do six exercises repeated with six reps at each pole and sprints between the poles.  The series was repeated as many times as we could inside the allotted time.  Flutter kicks while waiting on the six each each series.  The exercises were…

Hand Release Merkins

Heel Touch Jump Squats

Plank Jacks


Prayer Requests

Parking Lot unspoken

Bricks Friend with Brain Cancer


-Inspector Mom collecting money for LHS football team meal
-11/10: John Flanagan Memorial 10K, sign-up on LexingtonHalf.com
-12/14: F3/FiA Christmas Party
-P-200 teams are forming

Devotional — The Lord is Good

Nahum 1:7 — The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes.  He is close to those who trust in him.

Our God provides us with a shelter to protect us from life’s troubles.  The question is whether we accept his protection.  When you run in a wall or trip over hurdles, it’s easy to feel defeated.  If you travel through life with God, He will most definitely give you strength to overcome them and peace to enjoy it.  Have you talked to God lately about the troubles you are facing?


This AO has been known as the group that doesn’t say much, quiet, no mumblechatter, etc. etc.  I wouldn’t trade this group of guys for anything.  It has been impressive to see this group grow into a consistent group of around 15 PAX that show-up to every Boot Camp and put in the work.  I will never forget that cold January morning when it was just myself, Escobar and Abner running our first AMRAP that would later be called #THEFLOOD, and thinking what in the world are we doing?  I am proud to be a part of F3Nation and grateful for the relationships that have been built as a part of this.

Again we want to thank those guys that have stepped-up to help us fill our Q sheet over the past year.  Without those folks this group wouldn’t be what it is today.  Special shout out to The Hollow guys that were our foundation.