• When: 2018-10-09
  • QIC: Sir Topham Hatt
  • The PAX: Coppertone, Fools Gold, Moose, Crouton, Arrears, Trixx, Buddy Love, Laetner, Lumbergh, Hostel, FN3, Turkey Burger, Roommate, Neck Brace, EZ, Mayhem

Say Hello To My Little Friend (Cindy)

17 Pax (including 3 runners) chose to move their cars and show up at Depot on Tuesday, others…..

Mid 60’s, no wind, finally felt Fall-ish.

Thru the tunnel (10x) IC
Side straddle hop (15x) IC
Merkins (10x) OYO

The Thang:
One lap ending at the soccer field near the playground, line up on the sideline.

Do exercise then bear crawl across field, lunge walk back, do next exercise, continue until done with exercises.


10x Merkins

20x SSH’s

30x Big boys

40x Squats

50x Mtn climbers

Rinse repeat with sprint across 2 fields, mosey/jog back in lieu of bear crawl/lunge walk.

Circle up and count off by 2’s, 1’s go straight to playground and 2’s go to the block pile, pick up block and then head to playground.
Modified Cindy: 1’s do pullups (5x), merkins (10x), squats (15x), 2’s do curls (5x), bent over rows (10x), squats w/ block (15x) for 10 minutes, AMRAP. Then 1’s and 2’s trade places and rinse/repeat for another 10 minutes.
1’s do 5x burpees and then return blocks to block pile while 2’s do 10x burpees.

Head to the Shovel Flag
The Q did such a great job planning that this was not needed.

Fools Gold’s father and unspoken