• When: 2020-01-09
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Rebar, Boo Boo, JoePa, Nature Boy (R), Makeover, Mid Range (R), Splinter, Bulldog, Hopper (R), Digger, Cartwheel, Spackle (R), Breaker Breaker (R), Weekend Special, Netflix, Dance Machine, Short Haul

Yeah But What’s the Real Feel?

YHC was encouraged this morning when cars started rolling in at 0450!! We had 7 PAX for StrideLite and I couldn’t have been happier!! It’s good to see men committing themselves to doing the harder thing and putting in some extra work. In YHC’s case, the holiday treats were a little to tempting, and now it’s time to pay that debt.

Conditions: We’re still not sure… YHC’s phone said 30 and clear. Bulldog would have us believe it was 40.


The Thang —

Circle up immediately after BOM for warm up

SSH x20 IC
TTT x10 IC
MTC x20 IC
WM x10 IC

Count off into ‘4-packs’ of PAX. Each set of 4 then splits again into partners and grabs a log.

Per usual, YHC was the odd man out as the 17th man, so sans log, burpees were done on each parking lot line as the rest of the PAX mosey’d to the first stop sign. There we did 20 shoulder press and 20 squats, and then proceeded to the top of tennis court hill.. YHC did burpees at every tree en route.

At the top of the hill, the 4-packs grouped together as we started some team work exercises:

1 log team ran down the hill, performed 20 squats and then back as the other log team performed AMRAP shoulder press with logs; the two teams then flapjacked

Next was run down, 20 merkins and back, with squats at the top; flap jack

Run down, 20 dry docks, back pedal up the hill, other team did incline merkins on the logs

It was somewhere around this point that the PAX begin a 20 minute debate on how cold it was or wasn’t outside. Air temps and real feels were discussed. Personally, YHC thought it was pretty dang cold.

Ab break — one log team held the feet of the other log team as they performed BBSU’s with the logs on their chests, 20 reps then flapjack

Last set, run down, 10 burpees; log team at the top performed curls for the girls; flapjack

With logs back on shoulders, the PAX headed back to the press box to deposit the coupons. There was one pitt stop for squats and shoulder presses as well as some holding of logs over head during the mosey.

Once the logs were put away, we circled up for Mary:

LBC x10 IC
FlutterCross x10/x10/x2 bonus American Hammer x10 on second set
LBC x10

Dealer’s Choice
Bulldog calls IC x20 OYO
Spackle calls T-Plank Merkin x10 OYO
Hopper calls IW x20 IC
Rebar calls press box column suicides
Dance machine calls OHC x50 IC in honor of his upcoming respect Q

Sprint to flag. Done.

Announcements —
D2D, P200 coming — YHC needs a man for a 6-man team
Juice is coordinating a Bible reading plan; get with him or Bulldog for info on getting involved
New semester, mentors are still needed. DM YHC or Bulldog to get involved

Prayer Requests —
Marriages in F3 Lexington
Family and the unit of the soldier that passed away at Ft. Jackson

Impromptu Devo from Makeover —
“We’re in the world, not of the world” and “Through Christ we’re distinguished, but we’re not to be separated”

Challenge issued: What are you going to do today to distinguish yourself among your peers, but not separate yourself?

YHC prayed us out and covered the prayer requests and also asked that we be helped in our interactions with those we cross paths with today. We asked to be set apart by our words and our actions, that it would be known Who it is we serve based upon how we act.

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