• When: 2020-01-07
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Booster, Chheder (R), Tater, Canseco, Simon Says, Kyrie (R), Jobu, Sunday Driver, Dear Diary, Deadbolt, Quisenbery, Wapner, Fry Daddy (R), Swanson, Treadmill, Pick Axe, Wilbur, Granola

Working Together

18 PAX posted and pushed one another through our workout on a chilly, but nice and dry morning.

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:

Start where we stand:
– SSH IC X 20
– Merkin IC X 10
– Up Straddle Hop(dominant leg) IC X 20
– Merkin OYO 15
– Up Straddle Hop(other leg) IC X 20
– Merkin IC X 5
– TTT IC X 20
– Merkin OYO 5
– Windmill IC X 10

Mosey around to the teacher’s parking log

Circle up for shoulders – all exercise back-to-back – hold em up.
– LBAC front IC X 20
– LBAC back IC X 20
– Overhead Clap IC X 20
– Raise the Roof IC X 20
– Moroccan Night Club IC X 20

Mosey to the planters

– Step-ups left first OYO X 20
– Dips IC X 10
– Incline Merkin IC X 10
– Step-ups right first OYO X 20
– Dips IC X 20
– Decline Merkin IC X 10
– Jump-ups OYO X 20

line up along the end of the teacher’s parking lot, facing the fence.
– Run to the fence – 75%
– Run back to start curb – 75%
– Run to the fence – 90%
– Run back to the start curb – 90% (line up in the order in which we finished)
Count off 1-18, pair off 1 & 18, 2 & 17, 3 & 16, etc.

partners 1-9 go to the fence. partners 10-18 stay put.
Partners will sprint to meet each other, do a partner exercise, then return to the end of the parking lot where they began.
First round:
– Jump 10s (jump up and give high ten) X 10
– BBSU 10s (lock heels with partner, do BBSU and give high 10 each time) X 10
– Plank 5s (plank head to head, do alternating high 5) X 10

RnR with counts of 15
RnR with counts of 20

Circle up for a short Mary:
– Flutter Kick IC X 20
– Heel Taps IC X 20
– LBC IC X 20
– American Hammer IC X 10



– TP Burpee Challenge (want 20 pax each Tu/Th, want to lead the Lexington counts, otherwise burpees)
– F3 TP 2nd F night at 8pm tonight at Wings N Ale near the dam
– Turning Point take over on Friday at Urban Legend

Prayer Requests:

– Corbett Anderson
– Swanson’s sister, Judy – surgery and recovery
– Sunday Driver’s wife’s family after loss of uncle

– Challenge: What is your message? It is easy to have a Godly message at the workout, or when surrounded by fellow believers, but do you carry that same message with you in all the circles in which you run? at work? The challenge is to evaluate your message and make it a consistent one throughout.

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