• When: 03/09/2015
  • QIC: Candy Stripe
  • The PAX: Treadmill, Quiesenberry, Inuit, Yellow Cake, Candy Stripe, FNG Benji McCollum (Thumper)

Who brings a Weinke to Stride?

The 6-PAX that showed up found out. It was someone that definitely doesn’t want to skip a beat, or  can’t beat a skip.  So, if you weren’t there, this is what you missed…
Conditions:  #RealNice
Disclaimer and prayer
The Thang:
Mosey to the gator nation parking LOT,  that’s where you pony up the extra green backs for premier parking for football games in the Swamp.  Also, home of the Beepin’ Beep test every first Monday of the Month, that is if we can convince the Garminator to Post…
Assemble on the line and perform the following funky monkey movements until you reach the next line (about 20 yards away). turn around and return to the start performing the same exercise.
Dynamic Warm up: 
skip w/ forward BIG arm circles
skip w/ backward BIG arm circles
skip w/ alt. BIG arm circles
skip w/ alt. BIG arm circles opposite direction as the first time
high knees
butt kicks
double skip/hop where you pull your knee up on the second hop of the opposite leg.
bounding skips
skipping Frankenstein’s
skip w/ foot pop
high knees anterior then lateral alt. legs
lateral bounding off back leg
great nimble bladder during these exercises. #gibberishalert,  that is to say nimble bladder is gibberish for mumble chatter…okay
Mosey to the Star Trak where all the great moves are made!
Take one friendly lap around the milky way before venture into warp speed, and remember the first directive at all times.
Time to man up for the Maniac Mile.  YC and YHC will be presumptuous hear and be the official, unofficial time keepers for the event. The PAX will run, will run, will run, will run the mile.  That is, four laps around the Star Trak at warp speed.  when either YC or YHC reach the end that PAX will be responsible for calling out the times to all remaining PAX crossing the finish.
official unofficial Results:
YHC: 6:14
YC: 6:32.5
Treadmill: 7:35.4
Inuit: 7:36
Thumper: 9:04
Quisenberry: 9:16
Take a quarter victory lap at impulse power to regenerator your rear deflector shields.
now mosey the Breeze way between the visitors side of the baseball field and the covered batting cages.
The PAX will start at the first lamp and sprint to the next. reverse your thrusters hard to build up opposition muscle groups.  really I don’t know what happens to your muscles when you stop hard, but it might do some good.  I have to defer to treadmill on this one as I’m not a professional.  now run backards to the start line once you are there mosey up to the next lamp, the one you were just at, and sprint to the next lamp and continue the sequence.  do this for 3 lamps then turn around and do it all the way back to the original lamp.   {As an aside: you may substitute “Light pole” for “lamp” in the above reading, if you prefer, but certainly do not substitute “street light” because we were not in the street but on the concrete walkway.  I admit, lamp does sound a little puny, but the overall lumens they put out not very impressive.}
now we do a little relay.  3 man teams, sprinting from the first Lamp/light pole to the second.  Start with 2 PAX on one end, and one PAX on the opposite end. This will give you a recover lap between each sprint.  Each PAX performs 3 sprints, then recover
Fall back in to one line and perform a Native American run back up to the front gate and around the curved parking area back to the shovel flag.
COT: count off, namorama, name the FNG


  • April 11: Ultimate Challenge Mud Run. Registration is open. This is F3’s Super Bowl. DO NOT register on the mud run site. F3 will have a special link with which to register. YHC will be the F3 Mud Run QIC. Also, No Show has agreed to be our Mud Run Region Q.
  • April 18 – Fire truck pull- Meltdown has a team and is looking for members, join the best of Lex and pull a fire truck for a good cause: children’s cancer. Quiesenberry may need a stand in for him.
  • May 1: GORUCK Custom Light. Preblast here: http://f3nation.com/2015/01/07/preblast-goruck-custom-light/

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued prayers for Walker and entire family.
  • Prayers for a friend of Gravediggers family who is battling cancer.
  • Nakita: AKA Rob McAlister performing Mission work
  • All unspoken prayer requests.
Devo: by Treadmill
great job by the PAX, they took all the shenanigans YHC could give them and smiled doing it.
Welcome Thumper to F3: Benji McCollum is a paramedic. The automatic Chest compression device is commonly called the Thumper.  If you ever have to see it in action it is not a pretty thing but can save lives. Social media at work…Thumper saw a face book post about F3 from some one in his neighborhood (Cherokee Village perhaps??)  but could not remember that PAX name.
not sure were the worm hole was on the Star Trak during the one mile run, but YHC knows he was in it for 27 seconds, Yellow Cake only spent 18 seconds in it before he returned.  This happened for a FACT do to the time disparities between the Strava App and YHC’s faithful chrono on the 28 dollar Walmart special wrist watch(Timex Ironman).

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