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What the Coach Says, We Do

When a high school Xcountry coach joins your group and volunteers to lead a running group workout, you know good things will happen.  Add to that the opportunity to run on the track under the lights!  –BONUS.  (YHC thinks he ran faster because he could see the finish line!)  Add to that the coach’s F3 name is Kimye and you have yourself a party!  Read more below:

5 Pax converged at their normal Stride Monday speed workout at RBHS to a lit track! The day before Kimye volunteered to lead this workout as his last big run before a Full marathon on Sunday.  He is now tapering and he will taper (even though he’d rather be running).

Conditions: 45° … perfect sweating conditions


Mosey to the track to join Kimye already warming up.

Warm up lap at conversation pace (opposite direction on track)

dynamic stretches: Butt kicks, high knees, lunge left, right, and center (feel the burn), and derricks (Kimye swore these weren’t named after him… but YHC thinks they were.)

10x400m repeats at 1:1 run/rest ratio.  So, if you run a 2 minute 400, rest for 2 minutes before the next repeat.

Cool down lap.



TCLAPS to kimye for stepping up to lead this workout.  We shall get him into the Q rotation soon after his Marathon on Sunday is done.  TCLAPS also to Fracture for his first post to Stride.  He is a runner… don’t let him tell you otherwise.  All did well.  We are told (by the Coach) that this workout will easily shave BIG time off your 5K,10K, half or full time.  We may see more of these in the future!  (Kimye has already volunteered to lead more workouts like this.  AYE! We’ve actually got a professional!)


We didn’t cover any (mainly because YHC still couldn’t remember his name after all that running).. but here’s what’s going on:

1) Check your email… couple things going on. LEAP to SF is live and a fundraiser having to due with March Madness and brackets.  Read preblast here.

2) Mudrun.. volunteers needed. Contact Quisenberry.

3) Another opportunity to serve… New AO downtown columbia serving folks at Oliver Gospel Mission. workout Saturdays at Finlay Park. Read preblast here.


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