• When: 2020-01-21
  • QIC: Bing
  • The PAX: Slumlord (R), Dangle, Meatball, All 9s, Cramps, Iron Mary (R), Grave Digger, Kenwood (R), Bing

Too Cold to Think of a Funny Title

9 PAX emerged from various locations around the greater Lexington area and joined together for a workout at The Hollow. Below is what happened during that workout.

Conditions: 24 deg F with a strong enough breeze to make your face hurt

FNGs, Disclaimer, Prayer

The Thang:

Mozey over to the dimly lit corner of the courtyard to find refuge from the wind and circle up:

– SSH X 15 IC
– TTT X 15 IC
– LBAC Forward X 15 IC
– LBAC Backerds X 15 IC

Indian Bear Crawl:
– Line up single file along the sidewalk, then assume the plank position.
– PAX in the rear bear crawls to the front of the line.
– Rinse & repeat until all PAX until the last light pole has been reached.

Mosey to the parking lot for 7-11s:
– Start on the breezeway curb, Merkins X 10 OYO
– Run to the center row of the parking lot, Squats X 7 OYO
– Run to opposite curb, Lunges X 1 each leg OYO
– Run back to the center row of the parking lot, Squats X 7 OYO
– Return to start, rinse & repeat dropping a Merkin and adding a lunge until you complete 10 laps.

Find a column in the breezeway:
– People’s Chair X 1 minute
– BTTW X 1 minute

Mosey back to the courtyard sidewalk for another Indian Bear Crawl session.

Mosey back to the parking lot, find a stripe:
– Line Jumps, front-to-back X 50 OYO
– Line Jumps, side-to-side X 50 OYO

Grab a spot on the curb:
– Calf Raises X 50 OYO

Mosey to the breezeway, circle up in the plank position:
– 1 PAX completes Merkins X 10 OYO while all other PAX hold plank.
– Rotate to the next PAX (clockwise, the way nature intended it) until all PAX have completed 10 Merkins
– Rinse & Repeat with Flutter Kicks & 6 inches

– American Hammers X 15 IC
– Flutter Kicks X 20 IC
– Freddie Mercury X 20 IC
– Heel Touches X 20 IC



Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama

– Dam2Dam Relay: 2/15/20, Volunteers Needed
– P200: 3/27/20-3/28/20
– Cottonmouth: 2/29/20

Prayer Requests:
– Marriages
– Meatball’s Birthday
– Hedge’s co-worker

BOM, Prayer

Just wanted to drop a note here that I appreciate the guys that posted this morning. It was a bitter cold morning, and if Kenwood had not asked me to sign up to Q, I would probably have succumbed to the fart sack. So thank you for posting even though you didn’t have to. We had some laughs, we did some work, and I’m glad I was there.

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