• When: 2020-09-01
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Hash and Rice, Daisy, Dooda (R), Soaker, Ramrod, Bing, Lizard Man, Dr Lovin (R), Cheers

The Shawshank Unorganization

YHC got a little ambitious with his Weinke (TWSS) and planned way too many exercises today. The thought was that we would have enough time to do these, but time flies when you’re having fun. Modifications were needed on the fly and things got a bit disorganized from there. However, YHC will bring out the original Weinke on a Saturday sometime (TWSS). Good times today as always at Shank!

Here’s how it went today:


Grab a block and mosey to upper soccer field

COP all IC:
– SSH x 10
– Merkins x 10
– TTT x 10
– LBAC x 10 each way


Line up on goal line

Mosey to goal line
– Grab a block and overhead carry to mid field. Do 25 shoulder presses. Carry block overhead to the far end zone and do 25 more SP.
– Once all PAX have made it to the goal line, place block on shoulder and carry block overhead back to mid-field and do 50 curls
– Overhead Carry block the rest of the way back and do 50 more curls.
– Bear crawl with block to mid-field and do 25 tricep extensions.
– Bear crawl with block the rest of the way to the far end zone and do 25 more tricep extensions.
– Recover walk with block overhead back to first end zone

Gassers Beatdown (all exercises are OYO):
– At end zone: block merkins x 25, incline x 25, decline x 25, bench press x 25
– 50 yard gasser and back
– At end zone: squats x 50, calf raises x 25, lunge with block x 10 each leg
– 50 yard gasser and back
– At end zone: iron crosses with block x 25, flutter kicks with block overhead x 25, American Hammer x 25 (2 count with block)
– 50 yard gasser and back

Grab block and return:

Mosey to shelter and get a spot on the bench:

-Dips x 2 minutes, rest as needed without sitting
-Stair steps on bench x 1 minute

Get on your 6 for Mary:
LBC x 1 minute
Freddie Mercury x 1 minute
6 inches x 1 minute
Hello dollies until time is called



– Contribute as you feel led to Ken Doll’s campaign for Lexington One School Board
– Iron PAX will meet at Shank on Thursday
– YHC will be at Lexington High track tomorrow at 5:15 for anyone not able to make it Thursday
– Gauntlet and SAFE Run TBD
– Coon Dog and family (praise) on birth of their daughter
– Lego and family
– Tinkle and family
– Dunphy and family
– Unspoken Lexington PAX dealing with family situation
– Ponzi and Dooda


Had the wireless radio been on, they would have known the Titanic was sinking. Cyril Evans, the radio operator of another ship, had tried to relay a message to Jack Phillips, the radio operator on the Titanic—letting him know they had encountered an ice field. But Phillips was busy relaying passengers’ messages and rudely told Evans to be quiet. So Evans reluctantly turned off his radio and went to bed. Ten minutes later, the Titanic struck an iceberg. Their distress signals went unanswered because no one was listening.
In 1 Samuel we read that the priests of Israel were corrupt and had lost their spiritual sight and hearing as the nation drifted into danger. “The word of the Lord was rare; there were not many visions” (1 Samuel 3:1). Yet God wouldn’t give up on His people. He began to speak to a young boy named Samuel who was being raised in the priest’s household. Samuel’s name means “the Lord hears”—a memorial to God’s answering his mother’s prayer. But Samuel would need to learn how to hear God.
“Speak, for your servant is listening” (v. 10). It’s the servant who hears. May we also choose to listen to and obey what God has revealed in the Scriptures. Let’s submit our lives to Him and take the posture of humble servants—those who have their “radios” turned on.

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