• When: 2018-01-16
  • QIC: Shine
  • The PAX: Track Hoe, Navy Bean, Drisocket, Boucher, Muggy Tape, Freon, Overage, Mercy Rule, Shine

The Gang does an M inspired workout

Dozer was looking for volunteers for month of January and YHC had want to start the new year leading more and proving himself to his F3 brothers. The M theme workout was to give thanks to all the M’s who allow us to come out and better ourselves daily. The M theme to the workout was the playlist which consisted of songs all about the M (Brandy you’re a fine Girl, Black Magic Woman, American Girl, Hollaback Girl, Long Cool Woman in a Black dress, etc)  To honor the all the M’s YHC decided it was a Tuesday full of arms, arms, arms. And more arms. All in all 9 PAX showed up and worked hard. T-claps to Muggy Tape for Rucking through the workout.

Conditions:  Frigid,25, Slight Breeze

1 MW

Mosey to the practice field, while getting pumped up by listening to Eddy Grant Electric Avenue

Merkins x 10 0Y0

SSH x 15 IC

Merkins X 11 OYO

Imperial Walker X 16  IC

Merkins X 12 OYO


Merkins X 13 OYO


Merkins x 14 OYO

Monkey Humpers X 19 IC

Merkins x 15

Exercise #2

Mosey to the block pile and grab a block and line up on the Goal line, by this time the M inspired music has started….. GAME TIME.

From one Goal to the other Goal line. 5 lunges with overhead carry, stop 10 Curls for the Girls, 5 lunges with overhead carry, stop 10 inclined Merkins, repeat until all PAX has reached opposite Goal line. Plank on six.

Exercise # 3

Partner up and Farmers Carry partners block to the fifty-yard line, while partner lunges alongside. Then switch and repeat. Good thing we had Boucher to find the fifty-yard line in the dark. Set blocks at Goal line and circle up close. Real close. Push Pain Circle. 10 merkins for the PAX but only one PAX can do a merkin at a time while the others wait for the high five to do theirs. Waterfall effect.

Exercise # 4

Grab your block for one more arm pumping sensation. Fifty curls for the girls as you walk to the fifty-yard line. Again thank you Boucher for finding that mysterious line in the dark(He’s line a seeing eye dog for finding that fifty-yard line). Line up.

Triceps Extension X 10 IC

Merkin X 10 OYO

Lunge 10 yards

Triceps Extension X 10 IC

Big Boy Sit-Ups x 40 IC

Lunge 10 yards

Triceps extension x IC

Russian Twist X 15 IC

Lunge 10 yards

Elf on a Shelf X 10 OYO

Mench on a Bench X 10 OYO

Overhead Carry to the block pile and put up blocks. Mosey back to parking lot.



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Prayer Requests:

Speedy recovery for Scotch’s 2.0