• When: 2018-01-16
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Flo (Respect), Peach Fuzz, Sheldon, Farkus, Hitch, Wino, Happy Trees

Grow The Thang

YHC got up this morning to trade the warmth and falsehoods of the fartsack for the cold of the honest gloom.  He desired to meet more men that have taken the DRP.  More than usual the Q-drenaline level had peaked due to the priviledge of Q’ing the fresh PAX of F3 Saluda and meeting these new brothers so, of course, YHC could not shut up when Wino jumped into the clown car and we put the pedal to the foreign metal.  It didn’t seemed to bother Wino so YHC just kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking about how bad the state of the population of skunks must be getting on HWY 178.

The 5 Saluda men that came out in the below 30 weather have no idea what it meant for us to see them there, knowing that slowly, but surely they are growing. You men will continue to grow as your bodies and relationships are strengthened, not only with each other, but also with your God, family, and community. These men launched on possibly the coldest day of the year and prove that CANTORE is real. If your AO can develop from that nut-shrinker, there is no telling what type of 3rd living you will accomplish. It was a pleasure to share some of YHC’s favorite moves of the Exicon with you brothers and YHC hopes that it will add a small part of helping you grow. Remember, you have already started coming out for the 1st F, just wait and see what happens when the glue of the 2nd takes hold.  Aye!

See you in the Gloom.


Conditions: not quite 3 minus witches titty



-Warm up Mosey around front parking lot

-Gather on grassy nole for COP

SSH x25 IC

Abe Vigoda x5 IC

TTT x10 IC

LBAC (forward, reverse) x10 IC each

OH Clap x 10 IC

Mosey to large side lot

-Indian run around perimeter

-Mosey back to grassy nole , find uninhabited space

– 1 min of Boat Canoe

The Thang:

-Ring(s) of Fire

 –Hold low plank, each PAX takes turns doing 10 Merkins

-High Plank, each PAX does 5 HR merkins

-American Hammers, 2 Burpees per PAX

-BBS, 2 Burpees

-LBC, 3 Burpees

-Low Plank, 4 burpees

-American Hammer, 5 burpees

(Cobains if I messed up the order!)


Pain Train:

Line up at tree #1, it looked happy enough for YHC approval

-1 burpee, run to tree #2, 10 Merkins

-Run back to start for 1 burpee, back to tree #2 for 10 Merkins, run to tree #3 for

10 merkins, back to tree #2 for 5 squats.

-Rinse and repeat the pattern, 10 merkins at every tree on the way out, 5 squats

at every tree on the way in until time is called. Always 1 burpee at the happiest tree.

(note: the trees were not as happy on the other side)


-5 minutes of Mary:

 -Happy Trees, Boat Canoe (pedal  boat)

-Sheldon, BBS

-Flo, LBC

-Hitch, Heel Taps

-Peach Fuzz, American Hammers


Count O Rama

Name O rama



No new Prayer Requests


Shameless EH for Rooster Relay in Rock Hill 1/20

Also, another attempt for some recruitment to Dam to Dam relay 2/24