• When: 6/11/15
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Pipeline, False Start, Kenny G, Tuff Guy, Initech, Yanni, Uncle Herschel, Alter Boy, Inuit, Columbo, Ramblin Wreck, Roundup, Mac

The Baker’s Dozen

A baker’s dozen arrived at the gloom to find their favorite travelling Q at the helm. With lots of new faces YHC was a little nervous about that his Weinkie might be a little much. After realizing a couple of the Pax had traveled across the river from the Muthaship of F3SC YHC was a little nervous that his Weinkie might NOT be enough. There was only one way to find out and that was to take the red pill and get to work. YHC may have jumped the gun just a little and started 2 minutes early but hey, YHC didn’t charge any extra for the extended betterments.

The Weather: 70ish with 180% humidity

The Thang:

COP – All IC

Side straddle hop x 20

Thru the tunnel x 20

Imperial walker’s x 30 (10 x fast cadence)

Windmill x 20

Lil baby  arm circles x 15 each way keep arms up for..

OH Claps x 20

Merkins x 20

Copperhead Squats x 20


Mosey to the path entrance

Bulgarian ball busters x 15 each leg

Morning wood x 10 each side

Had to treat the F3Cola Pax to a couple of YHC’s favorites. The mumblechatter was still strong at this point and there were references to some of F3Cola’s #BeastQs like Hee-Haw. YHC grinned knowing what the Weinkie held and knowing they wouldn’t be leaving disappointed. 

Mosey to school lot for..


“I’m gonna go real fast and turn to the left sometimes.” -Eric Cartman

Split into 2 teams of 6/7

One man is the car and calls an exercise for the rest of the team to AMRAP

The car sprints around the parking lot and back to the pit stall

Car planks while rest of crew pump out 20 Merkins (plus sound effects)

Next car calls next exercise and takes off.

The AMRAP exercises included:

Side straddle hops, LBCs, Squats, Flutter kicks, OH claps, Mountain climbers plus a few more

Nascar doesn’t look too tough on paper but the non-stop pace and the 140 Merkins will kick you in the arse!

Mosey around the school lot once and then to Dumpster Hill

Triple Nickel (Always a Crowd Pleaser!)

Sprint to the top 5 burpees

Sprint back down 5 burpees

Repeat 5 times

YHC needs to change the name of this exercise. The triple part really trips people up. Yes, we are doing 5 reps. No the triple part doesn’t refer to the reps. Man up Nancy it’s time to get to work!


Mosey back to the park to TMNT headquarters

Plank-o-rama-mama – alternating plank to seated series with no rest between – ALL IC

High Plank

Hydraulics x 20

LBCs x 20

Peter Parker x 20

Flutter kick x 20

BURPEE PLANE!!!! Burpees until Q no longer sees the plane

Shoulder touches x 20

Russian twist x 20



BOM – led by Columbo


  • Great work by the Pax. The Herd has always stepped up and killed anything YHC brings here and even with a Herd of new faces they still managed to get ‘er done.
  • T-claps to the guest herders from F3Cola. It’s always nice to meet Pax from different areas. Hope this workout made you break a sweat after enduring Qs from the likes of Chaser and Splinter.
  • T-Claps to the recent FNGs who are still posting. Excellent work guys, looks like y’all hit the ground running!
  • T-Claps to Columbo for leading the BOM. Inspiring words as always.
  • On an interesting note, we had both Kenny G and Yanni here this morning. Gonna have to come up with a musical themed Q for next time. T-claps to AB for pointing that out.
  • T-Claps to Take-a-number for doing 3 big boy sit ups this morning. Now the next step is to stop hitting the snooze button in between reps and get your butt to an AO!
  • Prayers for Columbo’s cousin Joe and his upcoming surgery, Roundup’s friend and guidance for Columbo and his fellow missionaries in working out the logistics of their trip to Nicaragua.
  • For anyone who is interested, or bored enough, the short story The Baker’s Dozen follows. It’s kind of an outdated boring story but it does remind YHC to under-promise and over-deliver!


Title:     The Baker’s Dozen
Author: Charles M. Skinner [More Titles by Skinner]

Baas [Boss] Volckert Jan Pietersen Van Amsterdam kept a bake-shop in Albany, and lives in history as the man who invented New Year cakes and made gingerbread babies in the likeness of his own fat offspring. Good churchman though he was, the bane of his life was a fear of being bewitched, and perhaps it was to keep out evil spirits, who might make one last effort to gain the mastery over him, ere he turned the customary leaf with the incoming year, that he had primed himself with an extra glass of spirits on the last night of 1654. His sales had been brisk, and as he sat in his little shop, meditating comfortably on the gains he would make when his harmless rivals–the knikkerbakkers (bakers of marbles)–sent for their usual supply of olie-koeks and mince-pies on the morrow, he was startled by a sharp rap, and an ugly old woman entered. “Give me a dozen New Year’s cookies!” she cried, in a shrill voice.

“Vell, den, you needn’ sbeak so loud. I aind teaf, den.”

“A dozen!” she screamed. “Give me a dozen. Here are only twelve.”

“Vell, den, dwalf is a dozen.”

“One more! I want a dozen.”

“Vell, den, if you vant anodder, go to de duyvil and ged it.”

Did the hag take him at his word? She left the shop, and from that time it seemed as if poor Volckert was bewitched, indeed, for his cakes were stolen; his bread was so light that it went up the chimney, when it was not so heavy that it fell through the oven; invisible hands plucked bricks from that same oven and pelted him until he was blue; his wife became deaf, his children went unkempt, and his trade went elsewhere. Thrice the old woman reappeared, and each time was sent anew to the devil; but at last, in despair, the baker called on Saint Nicolaus to come and advise him. His call was answered with startling quickness, for, almost while he was making it, the venerable patron of Dutch feasts stood before him. The good soul advised the trembling man to be more generous in his dealings with his fellows, and after a lecture on charity he vanished, when, lo! the old woman was there in his place.

She repeated her demand for one more cake, and Volckert Jan Pietersen, etc., gave it, whereupon she exclaimed, “The spell is broken, and from this time a dozen is thirteen!” Taking from the counter a gingerbread effigy of Saint Nicolaus, she made the astonished Dutchman lay his hand upon it and swear to give more liberal measure in the future. So, until thirteen new States arose from the ruins of the colonies,–when the shrewd Yankees restored the original measure,–thirteen made a baker’s dozen.

[The end]

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  1. I always thought of Jumanji as more of a downtown AO anyway. It’s closer to downtown than Woodshed is, I believe.

    Well done on the Q Mac, #TripleNickel is a #snotwoggler all by itself. I’ll be stealing that one day, after I recover from it.

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