• When: 06/11/2015
  • QIC: Mayhem
  • The PAX: Hotspot, Ken Doll, Elmers, Notebook, Dunphy, Scooper, Field Goal, Coon Dog, Ponzi, Half Empty, Mayhem

Ahhhh – #TheGrinder

Today’s workout was a slightly modified version of a workout YHC did at #TheRidge in Harrisburg, NC. I brought it to #TheHollow last week and now to #Shawshank today. After speaking with Uno this morning (he posted with me at #TheRidge), YHC discovered the #MainThang has a name. Gentlemen, meet #TheGrinder

Conditions: A cool 71 degrees




The Thang

Mosey to the block pile, grab a block and circle up


SSH x 20

10 Burpees with block (Overhead Press) OYO

50 Shoulder to Shoulders with block (left to right, right to left = 1) – for each break needed perform 10 squats with block

10 Burpees w block OYO

30 Flutters IC



Count off by 3’s

P1 will start with the Cinder Block. P2 will start at the top of the hill. P3 will start beside P1. When P1 starts the exercise, P3 will sprint to P2 and take over his exercise. P2 then sprints to P1 and takes over his exercise. P2 sprints to P3…..

Each team of three will perform the following exercises:

200 Overhead Press with Cinder Block – Top of the hill will to Squats

200 Curls with cinder block –  Top of the hill will do Merkins

200 Squats with cinder block – Top of the hill will do Flutter Kicks

300 Chest Press with cinder block – Top of the hill will to Carolina Dry Docks

50 Burpees (#crowdpleaser) with cinder block – Top of the hill will do Smurf Jacks – cut a little short due to time

Return blocks and jailbreak back to the shelter



Great work from all pax today. Everyone was pumping out as many reps as they could on the blocks and everyone was actually sprinting back and forth – loved seeing the max effort. Apparently Field Goal wants to be Scooper – not sure if there is a man crush going on there or what – it was kinda weird.


  • F3 Dads needs a Q for this Saturday at Shawshank 8:15-845
  • Shawshank will be the only AO hosting F3 Dads this Saturday
  • Graveyard, Crypt, & Boneyard are closed Saturday due to race
  • F3 Dads is first Friday of the month and second Saturday during the summer

Prayer Requests

  • #PrayForWalker
  • Swanson’s dad having surgery today


For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45

Jesus is the ideal of manhood. He was a giant of the faith, but served the least and the lost. He was a man’s man, but wept at the death of a friend. He was calm and compassionate, but made a scene in the place of worship over greedy merchants and self-serving religious leaders. He loved children with affectionate acceptance, but warned adults of judgment. He healed the sick, but was hard on hypocrites. Christ calls men to step up to lead and step down to serve.

What else is included in the Son of Man’s model of manhood? Jesus took the time to invest in other men. He taught by example and He instructed by telling stories. He treated all people with respect and went out of His way to minister to the outcasts of society. Men who take time to mentor men make a difference in the stability of the home and the moral underpinnings of culture. Men who first manage themselves well, are in a position to infuse life into other men.



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