• When: 06/11/15
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: Ranger, Higgins, Boo, Recall, Hot4Teacher, FastCasual, Wapner, Voltron, Treadmill, Pepto, Ginger, Quisenberry

Dirty Dozen for Kamikaze X

12 Pax posted for Kamikaze X (Not Kamikaze XI as tweeted out by YHC. #Cobains). Once again, tremendous results by all.  The next Kamikaze will be on July 9.

Conditions: Not sure of the Temp, but it was Muggy


Disclaimer / Prayer

Mozey from the parking lot, down the hill to the far left corner.


Turning Point

Scoring is 40 pts per lap, plus 1 pt per pound of weight.  Partial Credit awarded for completed portions of the lap as shown below.

  • Sprint up Hill (0.05) – 11 Merkins (0.10)
  • Run Down (0.15) – 11 BBSU (0.20)
  • Bear Crawl Up Hill (0.25) – 11 Merkins (0.30)
  • Jog Down Hill (0.35) – 11 BBSU (0.40)
  • Bunny Hop up Steps (0.45) – 11 Merkins (0.50)
  • Jog down hill (0.55) – 11 BBSU (0.60)
  • Sprint up Hill to the lightpole (0.65)  – 11 Merkins (0.70)
  • Fast mozey down long Ramp (0.75) – 11 BBSU (0.80)
  • Mozey to Blue Jungle Gym (0.85) – 11 Pullups or 11 Body weight rows (0.90)
  • Mozey to Track (0.95) – 11 Lunges each leg (1.00)
  • Mozey back to hill, recover as needed

Rinse and Repeat for 40 minutes, increasing reps by 1 each lap.

Results are posted Here.

#TClaps to Treadmill for Most points (273) and to Ranger for Most Laps (6.15)




  • Amazing to see the Progress being made by some of the pax.  Keep #GettingBetter!
  • Today YHC completed the Kamikaze without weight and learned a couple of things
    • The first hill after running a half lap is very underrated.
    • The bear crawl after BBSU becomes more about ABs than Shoulders.
  • For the merkin/BBSU count per lap completed
    • Lap 1 = 44
    • Lap 2 = 92
    • Lap 3 = 144
    • Lap 4 = 200
    • Lap 5 = 260
    • Lap 6 = 324
    • Lap 7 = 392


  • Sweet Baby O 5k 8/1
  • Stomp the Swamp – 8/29 Convergence at Boneyard

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Walker: Back in the Hospital with a virus that caused more frequent seizures.
  • Swanson’s Dad having Surgery today
  • 2nd Grade Boy at Midway having health problems.
  • YHC’s friend’s M diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer.


  • #WalkerStrong Prayer Circle for Walker (Pax pray as they do IW until everyone (who choses to pray) has prayed.

Ephesians 6:4 – “Fathers don’t exasperate your children by coming down too hard on them.  Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master.” (The Message)

YHC had a moment last night where he realized sometimes when kids are going through adversity, they just need to hear mom or dad say “everything is going to be OK”.  The same can be said of YHC at age 37, and the same can be said spiritually with our Father in Heaven.

Secondly, (noticed this while writing the backblast) when our kids face adversity, we as Fathers need to “Take them by the hand and LEAD them in the Way of the Master”.  Therefore we have to set the tone and be the example of how to face a tough situation. Tough words to hear sometimes when our sinful nature’s instincts makes us want to do otherwise.

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