• When: 2018-11-13
  • QIC: Escobar, Flipper, Mulligan
  • The PAX: Cramps, Sun Drop, Drago, Irrev, FNG - Hard Wired, Dominion, Zacchaeus, Kenwood, Hoist, Wild Hog, Mercy Rule, All 9's, Half Empty, Two Star, WeeWee, Mulligan, Big Al, Key Chain, Abner, Butt Dial, Flipper, Chuckwagon, Up Charge, Bouche and Escobar

Surge Takes over The Hollow – Part 1 of 2

Awhile ago WeeWee noticed a few openings on the Q sheet over at The Hollow and since the PAX at The Hollow were so instrumental in keeping our Q sheet full it was a great way to say thanks and give them a week break from Q’ing.  That doesn’t mean that they get a break from a good workout though.  Part 1 of the Surge Takeover included Flipper, Mulligan, and YHC.  Below is the pain that was brought today.

One minute warning, FNGs, disclaimer and prayer.  With that we were off to put in work.


All until YHC calls recover…

2 minute SSHs (40 IC)

1 minute squats (20 IC)

1 minute squat thrusters (20 IC)

1 minute squat thrusters with push ups (20 IC)

1 minute burpees (20 OYO)

1 minute rest (jog in place)

1 minute burpees (20 OYO)

1 minute rest (jog in place)

1 minute burpees (20 OYO)

Mulligan was ready and had us over the parking lot to play some “GOLF”:

Rounds of golf:

Tee shot (sprint to far end of parking lot)

-20 merkins

Approach (heading back to the start do high knees to middle)

-40 LBCs

Putts (bear crawl to start line)

-12 flutter kicksx2

Par 72 x 3 rounds.

Next up was Flipper for a mini-FLOOD AMRAP – The Flood is the AMRAP at Surge.

Staying in the parking lot, we ran around the medians on each end and the middle island and rotated between 10 hand release merkins/LBC’s and 10 squats/BBSU’s at these locations.  We ran between exercises and performed three burpees at each light pole we passed.  Once we got to the far median, we bear crawled around the end of the loop and then started back with the exercises.

COT, BOM and Prayers

Prayer Request:

  • Cramps Grandmother
  • GraveDigger’s Mom
  • Whitlock Family



  • Enjoyed bringing the pain back to The Hollow with Flipper and Mulligan, looking forward to Thursday
  • Several burpees were completed today – believe that’s The Hollow’s new favorite exercise
  • The weather was great with no rain, just pain
  • The Hollow is known for its high degree of Mumblechatter – there was a little mumblechatter today but not sure to the typical Hollow standard – boys came to work today.
  • Where was Brick?
  • The FNG may or may not have spilled merlot afterwards