• When: 2019-03-20
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Pickle, Recall, Knozit, and Iron Mary

Sometimes it’s Lonely at the Top

4 PAX gathered for what was most likely their last run prior to the Palmetto 200.  YHC quickly planned the route and didn’t take into account the above average elevation contained in it.  Sorry about that, fellas!  Unfortunately for Pickle, he was the only speedster at Stride this morning and had to run this one alone.  As Pickle quickly faded away into the darkness, Knozit reminded him, “sometimes it’s lonely at the top!”  Great job this morning men and good luck to all in the 2019 Palmetto 200!

Weather:  Frosty 38 degrees with a slight breeze.

Safety Guidelines



The Route:

Maiden to Church

Left on Church

Right on Elm

Right on Gibson

Left on Barr (Stay on shoulder)

Left on Satcher

Left on Pond View Lane

Right on Gibson

Left on Church

Right on Dreher

Right on Harmon

Right on Coreley

Left on S. Lake

Back to Shovel Flag

Miles Covered:  5.8

Elevation:  380′




Announcements: Palmetto 200 on Friday, Gauntlet coming up in two weeks, Blue Ridge Relay coming up in September.

Prayer Requests:  Recall has 3 friends fighting cancer, Blindside’s family and the decisions they have to make concerning his daughter’s health, Palmetto 200 runner and driver safety this weekend.