• When: 2019-10-31
  • QIC: 
  • The PAX: Emmy, Ebert, Harp (R), Tinkle, Katniss (R), Honey Bun (R), Tonka, Fergie (R), Pups (R), Dos, Hot4Teacher, Postal, Wingback, Steamer, Kukoc, Ralphie, BooBoo, Debo, Brainaic

Sausage Factory

YHC pulled up to thew parking lot and saw a large group getting in SL. It was awesome to turn in to the parking lot and see so many cars. The men were ready to out in some serious work and better themselves!!! YHC would like to thank everyone for the large turnout! Thanks to Ebert for rolling in a minute late with the sledge hammers….
Conditions- HUMID
Disclaimer -Katniss
Pledge of Allegiance
The Thang
COP -None, just get work
The Sausage Factory
10 Movements at each station, then move on.  Increase by 1 each lap.
  1. Battle Rope
  2. Tire Flips
  3. Sled Pull
  4. Kettlebell Swings w/ Block
  5. Merkins
  6. Bear Crawl Up, Big Boys, Bear Crawl Down Blueberry Hill
  7. Lap and end up at Pullup bars for reps
  8. Burpee Long Jumps on Basketball Court
  9. Sledge Hammer blows on Giant Tire (body weight squats if waiting for sledge)
  10. Thrusters w/ Block
Continue through until time, see how many laps you can do.
If one has to rest, then back off of station and take a minute.  If station has too many waiting, move to another station, but just don’t forget to come back and complete!
Q-s are needed!!!
11/9 RunHard 5K—needs runners

11/16 Cheech 10K

11/23 Hairy Bison

12/14 F3/FiA Christmas party

2/15 Dam to Dam

3/27-28 P200


Lego’s daughter

Kids Trick or Treating tonight

Katniss’ mom

Wingbacks (YHC thinks it was him) wife is sick

Scribble- law enforce academy