• When: 2019-10-30
  • QIC: Binary, Blooper, Swingline, Backstop
  • The PAX: Binary, Blooper, Swingline, Backstop

Dealer’s Choice @ Valhalla

It’s the end of the month @ Valhalla and to shake things up we decided to have a dealer’s choice to wrap this month’s work for the pax.  4 arrived for the festivities and the #fartsack got our AOQ Baconator for the morning.  Backstop came with his A game chatter and made it a fun morning.

Conditions: 64 cloudy and wet


The Thang

Warm-up – Backstop

SSH x 12 IC run up hill/Bernie Sanders back down

Windmills x 12 IC r&r

Reverse Burps x 5 oyo R&R

Fast/Slow Merks x 12 IC (of which Backstop actually counts them slow/fast) Run up/Karaoke down

Helicopter Squats x 12 IC R&R

Round 2 – Swingline

Merkin/Bear Crawl Indian Run – pax do merks while one from rear bear crawls to front across parking lot

Sidewalk Work – 1 pax does 10 Freddie Merc (3 rounds) while other 3 hold 6 inches and hands up. Rotate through 3 times for each person to do the mercs. (It should be stated at this time Backstop described this leg/hand hold in such a way not repeatable for text but one that got plenty of belly laughter.

Squat/Frog Hop Indian Run – Last pax frog hops to front while others are doing squats

Round 3 – Blooper

He brought the card game references today and got us working.

Farmers Carry 2 blocks up to top of hill and back down

Black Jack – 21 hand release Merks OYO

Hold’em – Partner wounded warrior carry up hill and back

Repeat of Farmer’s Carry of blocks

Round 4 – Binary

2 Rounds w/ cinders – 10 Kettle swings/15 Overhead Press/20 Curls/25 Goblets/30 Bent over rows – 1 lap around parking lot

R&R reps above – 2 laps around parking lot

Blocks up and Hours of Time (6 in. to Iron Cross count off for 80 reps)


Good push by the pax today as we finished out the month and made each other stronger.  We definitely had some laughs today courtesy of Backstop.

BOM – Binary

COT – Binary

Praises for Blooper’s daughter w/ PT schools

Prayers for Lebanon as they try to establish new government.


Running at Stumble (Woodhill Starbucks @ 5:15 AM)