• When: 2019-10-28
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Swingline, Ruby, Blooper, Baconator, Backstop, Binary

Monday Punches @ Valhalla

The 6 pax of Valhalla arrived in the cool gloom for a Q led by Binary.  The work today was going to be fast and no brakes as the pax were going to be moving the whole time.  Work was done by these men and Backstop was begging to go home.  Good thing is, he made it through.

Conditions: 55 and clear


The Thang

Warm-up Lap

SSH x 20 IC
Merks rounds Reg/Wide/Diamond 5 reps x 3 rounds OYO
Sit-up rounds x 5 IC (both legs down/up/right/left)

Suicides for time 10 min

Round 1 – Regular run suicide b/t each exercise
10 burpees
20 shoulder taps/rowers
30 Merks/v-ups
40 cdd/twists

Round 2 – Lunge walk out/run in – only got through 10 Burps before time ended

Mosey to bottom of hill of back parking lot (crowd favorite)
Bear crawl to speed bump ssh burps (5 SSH:2 Burps) x 5 rounds before crab walk
Crab walk to top ssh burps (5:2) x 5 rounds
Run down
5 laps total = 100 Burpees

Min/Max Reps to Finish
Curls for Girls – Min. 50 reps
Squats – Min. 30 reps


The pax gave their best effort today for sure as we kept it moving the entire time.  Proud of their efforts and glad to have the push.

COT – Binary

BOM – Binary

Today we talked about 2 Timothy 2:16 and the desire to “do our best” to present ourselves as one approved and not one who has labored in vain.  If we are going to be these kind of men then we have to be grounded and frequently reading the Word.  May we live to be these type of men who desire to know God’s word.


Clown Car or drive OYO to Stumble changing of Shovel Flag for 5th year anniversary. Friday 5:15 AM, Woodhill Starbucks off Garners Ferry. Clown car leaving from Kroger Shopping center.