• When: 2019-10-05
  • QIC: Bing
  • The PAX: Argyle, Kenwood, Muggy Tape, Coon Dog, Cheers, Rivet (FNG), Bing

Saturday is for The Bing

7 PAX posted for a Saturday workout at Shawshank for YHC’s return to the Q Sheet. T-Claps to Hedges for posting for StrideLite even though he couldn’t stay for boot camp. Below is a summary of the work that was done:

Conditions: 75 deg F with a hint of Fall in the air

FNGs, Disclaimer, Prayer

The Thang:

Mosey to the small field on top of the hill and circle up.

– SSH X 15, IC
– TTT X 15, IC
– LBAC Forward X 15, IC
– LBAC Backerds X 15, IC

Line up on the goal line:
– One legged hop to opposite goal line. Switch legs, one legged hop back.
– Backwards run to opposite goal line. Backwards run back.
– Karaoke, down and back.

Mosey to the sidewalk near the shelter area.

Indian Bear Crawl:
– Line up single file, then assume the plank position.
– PAX in the rear bear crawls to the front of the line.
– Rinse & repeat until you reach the small stairs.

Find a spot on the stairs for Calf Raises:
– Calf raises, toes forward X 50 OYO
– Calf raises, toes in X 25 OYO
– Calf raises, toes out X 25 OYO

Line up on the sidewalk facing across the parking lot for 11-11-11’s:
– Perform merkins X 10 OYO
– Run across the parking lot, stop and perform squats X 11 OYO every time you cross an island.
– Perform lunges X 1 each leg OYO
– Run back to start, stop and perform squats x 11 OYO every time you cross an island
– Rinse & repeat, dropping a merkin and adding lunges until you reach merkins x 1 & lunges each leg X 10
(We dropped squats on the return trip about halfway through for the sake of time and our legs.)

Mosey to the sidewalk near the big fields for a mini Merlot Mile:
– Run the loop around the big field, stopping to perform 1 burpee at every other light pole.

Mosey to the shelter for Mary:
– Flutter kicks x 30 IC
– Hello Dollys x 10 IC
– 6 inches x 1 minute, led by Cheers
– LBCs X 20 IC, led by Argyle
– Iron Crosses X 20 IC, leg by Muggy Tape
– Boat variation X 1 minute, led by Rivet
– ABCs IC, led by Kenwood
– Gas pumpers until time called, led by Coon Dog



Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama

FNG: Neil Dixon, works for company that supplied support steel for the Icehouse Amphitheater. Told a story about playing a game as a kid where he had a to think of an animal that started with the same letter as his name. Came up with “Gnat”.
Icehouse –> Key Stone –> Keith Stone
Gnat –> Guh-Nat
Steel/Iron Worker –> Rivet

– 10/26 – Go Leo Go – Need for Speed needs volunteers/runners/track commanders
– 11/16 John Flanagan Memorial 10K, Register here: https://www.lexingtonhalf.com/pages/race-10k.php
– 11/23 Hairy Bison
– 12/14 Christmas Party
– January 2020 – Harbison 25k/50k
– February 15, 2020 – Dam to Dam
– March 2020 – P200

Prayer Requests:
– Paul Quattlebaum, Lexington County firefighter killed in the line of duty
– Cheers’s friend’s dad in hospice
– Myrtle Beach PAX with MS

BOM, Prayer