• When: 2019-10-03
  • QIC: 7-11
  • The PAX: Floppy Disk, Headgear, Training Wheels (R), Trauma, Recall, Tiger Blood, Fish Wrap, Forest, Rock Drop (R), Ranger (R), Rehab (R), Nail Pop, Jack Hammer, Voltron (R), Baby Hearts, 7-11

2 Year Anniversary of Arena – Scavenger Hunt for Pain Part Deuce

Big day for Arena to celebrate 2 years – YHC was nervous to be the Q today and trying to think of something creative to celebrate the PAX of Arena.  YHC thought it would be cool to celebrate the AOQ’s by having a team scavenger hunt lead by a Voltron team and Recall/Tiger Blood team.  I believe the mumble chatter was cut to a minimum today (probably because Notebook was out and I purposely did not get on Floppy’s team:) ).  YHC was excited to be selected as AOQ and glad to be with PAX that care about our AO and we will continue to sharpen iron together.  **TClaps to Voltron for a strong year and Recall/Tiger Blood for setting tradition and leading the way**

Conditions: Clear skies, 75 degrees (felt like 100 degrees)
Disclaimer, Prayer

40 Merkins + 27 Big Boy Situps OYO (to celebrate the first 67 PAX that attended 2 years ago)

The Thang:
7-11’s Scavenger Hunt for Pain
Team selected old school style with 2 team captains picking their teams (Voltron picked Ranger, Training Wheels, Rehab, Nail Pop, Jack Hammer, Baby Hearts, Forest, Rock Drop and by default 7-11 for Team Orange, Recall/Tiger Blood picked Floppy Disk, Headgear, Trauma, Fish Wrap for Team Green)

Workout stations consisted of below:
Exercise Station – 11′ Rotating Big Boy situps with Merkins
Exercise Station- 20 shoulder taps then run down delivery ramp and climb wall and run back (repeat for 3 sets)
Exercise – 15 Big Boy Situps – Run up Hill – 15 Big Boy Situps – Run Down Hill X 3 sets
Exercise Station-
1st set 20 iron crosses – Bear crawl down sidewalk to column and run back to street light – 20 iron crosses
2nd set 20 Carolina Dry Dock – Run Backwards down and back to column – 20 Carolina Dry Docks
3rd set 5 Burpees – Run down and back to column – 5 Burpees
Exercise Station: 5 pull ups – 10 merkins – 15 squats – run around swing area and back X 3 sets

Exercise Station:  Walk/Jog with Block in press position to NPE sign then do 10 block merkins and walk/jog back

Exercise Station: Indian run 2 loops around car drop off loop (as a team)


Cheech 10k

Dam to Dam (need 2 more runners for Arena team)

Prayer Request:

TW – Baby Bailey (friends at church)

Floppy Disk – Paris McBride Breast Cancer (stage IV)

Recall – friend at work whose son died