• When: 2020-02-08
  • QIC: Booo
  • The PAX: Swanson, Wapner, Booster, Voltron (R), Sunday Driver, Pickaxe, Little Giants, Quisenberry, Tater, Hatchet, Booo

Rolling the Dice Once Again

11 PAX did the harder thing on a chilling 29 degree morning.

The Thang

Moseyed a short distance and did 10 SSH IC.  Moseyed a bit further and did LBAC.  Moseyed a bit further and did LBAC the other way.  Moseyed to the brick pile.  Everyone grabbed a pair of bricks and we headed to the stairs.

Pax took turns rolling a dice covered with superheroes.  Each superhero represented an exercise or 2.  The below list is materially correct on what was accomplished.

2 sets of 4 count Motivators

2 Burpees

20 brick merkins OYO

80 shoulder presses IC

10 kettlebrick swings OYO

55 calf raises IC

60 curls for girls IC

40 tricep extensions IC

40 rapalms IC

5 sprints to the soccer goal and back

Return the bricks and wander back to the flag.  Time left for a quick set of Freddy Mercurys.

Feb 29th Convergence in Lexington

Prayer requests:
Molly Shealy – 6 y/o recently diagnosed with Leukemia
Dear Diary
Adriana – 4 years old

Tater – Will W. with medical issues involving the kidneys


Praise for Pine Tar playing ball for RBHS



Not really a devo but just a plea for us to turn the other cheek in a world where everyone seems to be on edge.




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