• When: 2020-02-08
  • QIC: DoubleFault
  • The PAX: Pepto, ChopBlock, Rebar, FN3, Casio, Patches, Cheddar (r), Frosty, Goldilocks, Scooter, Wallsplat, Skeeter, Hoff (r), McChicken, Boff, Ramblin' Wreck (kotters), Booger, Pennystock , DoubleFault

Frisbees are brittle in the cold

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.” – Psalm 133:1

20 Pax gathered in the frigid temps today at F3Graveyard for some friendly competition with the flying disc. All got better today.

Conditions: 32 deg and and really chilly

The Thang

Time called, Disclaimer, No FNGs, Prayer

Top 5

  1. Many nice plays today but it is always great to see a pax return to the fold. Ramblin’ Wreck made it back to the pellet palace today and didn’t miss a beat. As he is a rather large target, he was the focus of many passes but he had at least 2-3 of those targets intercepted by HIS OWN TEAM! It’s hard to blame his teammates, as everyone was flying around the field today. But as Randy Moss would say – “C’mon man!”
  2. Rebar made a touchdown catch today that defied physics. The pass was thrown 5 yard behind him and he reached out as if he had “Go, Go Gadget” arms and snagged the TD.
  3. Scooter was a beast…again. It’s no different than any other Saturday that he steps on the field. No matter who else is playing, Scooter is THE ATHLETE on the field and cannot be stopped. Of course, we profess this statement since we have yet to see Booster on the same field with Scooter in a while (if ever). Maybe one day soon we will sort this one out…
  4. Falling to the ground just hurts more when it’s cold outside. It really, really hurts when you get stepped on. The Frisbee found out the hard way when Hoff was unable to make a low catch today and stepped on top of the disc. The disc didn’t win that battle and snapped in two like a balsa wood model plane crashing to the earth on it’s final flight.
  5. The game was back and forth and high scoring today. It was never more than a one or two point difference after the first 10 minutes. Competitive spirit was high but remained friendly today and that’s a win for all.

Time called

Announcements (none today)


  • Hoff’s best friend fighting cancer
  • All of the F3 pax and family members battling and affected by cancer
  • Boff had a praise for his wife getting a new job along with a promotion in town (breast cancer research nurse) and a prayer as he makes a decision to take an offer with his company to go to New Zealand/Australia alone for 6-9 months
  • Families and coaches of the 3 young men in the fatal car ax in Saluda
  • Patches oldest brother

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