• When: 12/30/2014
  • QIC: Field Goal
  • The PAX: Saw Dust, Gravedigger, Lego, Scotch, Half Empty, Bearded Lady, Malfunction Junction, FNG Brian Hill - Snuffleupagus, Nail Pop, Take A Number, JJ, Kiffin, Manscape, Scooper, Peachy, Quisenberry, Peter, Slum Lord, Yee Hah, Buzz Saw, Noszit, Field Goal

Return to the Gloom!!!!

F3 Picture

22 pax including 1 FNG Brian Hill (Snuffleupagus) posted for the Return Q of Field Goal. Great to see everyone work hard this morning!


Conditions; 49 and Foggy


The Thang



SSH – 15IC

TTT – 15IC

IW – 15IC

TaintBusters – or Monkey Humpers 15IC 

LBC – 15IC 

MCs – 15IC 

Hold plank

Merkins – 15IC 

Peter Parkers – 15IC 

Parker Peters – 15IC 

Mosey to big Soccer Field 

*Alternate Lunge with Deep Squat in between to the other side(Full Length of Soccer Field). Runs backwards back

*Release Merkin (10)Suicides Full Length of Soccer Field  Squats while waiting on the 6 Run

Mosey to the side of the Field

*8 count Burpee Broad Jumps to the other side(30yards). Squats while waiting on the 6

Mosey to big hill

*Jacobs Ladder 1 Release Merkin at the top 1 Squat at the bottom   Go up to 12

Mosey to Wall

*Balls to the wall 1 min 

*Balls to the wall Push ups -5



*Flutter Kicks – 15IC 

*Scissor Kicks – 15IC 

*Freddie Mercury – 15IC


Mosey to Shelter 

Name O Rama



*New Years Convergence this Thursday (bring someone) 7-8AM (HC on pre blast)

*The (Go Run) 5k February 7th

* F3 Summerville Launch January 3rd

F3 Movie Saturday January 3rd after workout



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