• When: 06/11/15
  • QIC: Fracture
  • The PAX: Thumbs Up, No Show, Billy Jean, FNG (Tito), Blue Screen, Breakfast Club, Lager, Cathiter, Rate Hike, Freon, Say What, Permit, Yellow Cake, Giggles, Prancer, FDIC, Slim Jim, Microchip, Blindside, Buttermaker, Detour, Rocking Chair, Chum, Nightmare, Forest, No Help, PYT

Reaper Hill’s Revenge

A lot of mumblechatter has taken place recently in regards to Reaper Hill.  The Pax have been putting in the work on the hill and it shows in the record books as everyone has been getting better, but respect the beast and YHC’s workout was all about paying homage to the hill that can crush you whenever it wants.  The hill must have done some HCing because all the usual suspects showed up including PYT and Nightmare that don’t usually venture up to the Crypt.

Conditions: Hot and Muggy

The Thang: Disclaimer/Prayer Mosey around the parking lot High knees and butt kicks circle up in the thistles

  • SSH x20
  • One leg Burpees x10
  • TTT x20
  • One arm Burpees x10
  • IW x20
  • Burpee Jacks x10

Mosey with a few lunges thrown in until we get to the bottom of the hill. The exercise was simple start at bottom and follow directions layed out by YHC as you advance up the hill. The exercises are as followed

  • Back Pedal
  • Backwards Merkins
  • Crabwalk feet first
  • lunge
  • Broad Jump Burpee
  • Bearcrawl
  • Backwards crab walk
  • Backwards bearcrawl
  • sprint
  • 10 burpees at the top and then pick up the 6 and finish together

Mosey to wall

Balls to wall with shoulder taps x10

Wall Sits with Rock, Paper, Scissors, Burpee. Start with 5 burpees and add one every round. Final round was 17 burpees. No Help with his expert Asian math skills got out in the first round, so he payed back his 50 burpees while we finished up, #respect

Back to the thistles, circle up for Mary

10 Burpees because why not

RT x30

Flutterkicks and 6in mixed together x26ish

Dealers Choice- PYT the merkin on him x20

Sprint to the flag and call it a day, great work today men!  It is always nice to come back to the Crypt after Qing everywhere else, feels like home.

FNG- Bryce freshman at River Bluff plays football dad is Billy Jean, Michael Jackson references started got inappropriate and then roped back in settled on Tito.


Sat River Bluff AOs are closed- go support No Help at Jumanji or Catheter at Shawshank

2nd Saturday 2.0 kids workout will be at Shawshank

BRR team announcements should be coming today


Walker needs your prayers as he continues to fight

Audra and Sebastian continue their fights as well

Blindside friend dealing with Sarcoma Tumor



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