• When: 3/14/15
  • QIC: Notebook
  • The PAX: Field Goal. GED (Respect),Dunphy, Knowzit, Scooper, Kendoll, Genie, Meatball, Muggy Tape, Bing, Mayhem, Half Empty, Notebook

Ready! Start! Wait, What?

Written By Notebook!!

13 Pax entered the gloom for YHC’s VQ on a beautiful Saturday morning at Shawshank.  YHC was humbled by the turnout and the mumble chatter, all in good fun.  YHC was nervous and excited to lead this group of men.

Weather:  55 Degrees and Perfect, with a little rain

The Thang:

Intro Disclaimer (need to polish before next Q, little rough)

Mosey from shack to far stairs to soccer fields

Notebooks First Chapter:



Imperial Walkers X 20 IC (These were AWESOME)


Monkey Humpers X 20 IC

(The IC from YHC needs a lot of work, noted from the mumble chatter)

Mosey around the fields to the block pile, pick up Block and return to the original field with blocks on cart path (line up on the sideline of soccer filed facing center)

Chapter 2 : Blocks

Block work:

Squats X 20 IC

Curls for the Girls X 25 IC

Tricep Extensions X 20 IC

Clean Press X 20 IC

Break from blocks: Burpee Workout

Lining up sideline, sprint across field to other sideline, 5 burpees, Sprint back, rinse and repeat increasing count by 5 up to 15

Back to Blocks:

Merkin block work, Block flat, left hand on ground, right hand on block, merkin, flapjack, for a count 1, 10 total

Shoulder Press X 20 IC

Walking Lunges X 20 OYO, walk out 10 lunges, return to sideline lunging

Curls for the Girls X 20IC

Chapter 4 :EVIL 8

Start in corner of soccer field, 10 merkins, run to near corner 10 deep squats, run to middle 5 brupees, run to next corner 10 merkins, near corner 10 Squats…rinse and repeat for 10 minutes

Back to Blocks:

Squats X 10 IC

Curls for the Girls X 20 IC

Triceps X 15 IC

Clean Press X 10IC

Mosey back to the block pile to return blocks, using cart path.

Mosey back to the shelter, first run around the soccer field, reaching far corner, we started Indian Run back to the bridge.

Last Chapter:6 minutes of Momma (Mary) Ha Ha

At Shelter:

Dips on the benches X 20 IC

Incline Merkins X 20 IC

Boat/Canoe/flutter kick/scissor kick


Big Boy Sit ups X 15 IC

Still had time, so dealers choice,

Scooper hopped in the middle and Q’d

Flutter Kicks X 50IC (brutal)

Kendoll hopped in the middle and Q’d

Russian Twist X 20 IC

Finish off the workout we did 5 modified burpees, with shoulder touches in the plank position



Thank you Shawshank for the privilege of leading such a great group of men, truly an honor.  The IC’s were a little rough, but the spirits were high and the effort was amazing.  Humbled by the men that showed up and encouraged me as I fumbled through my first Q.  I was pushed to the limits and almost Merlot’d after the shoulder presses with the blocks.  2nd F was awesome, great getting to know the men of F3.  Proud to be apart of F3 Lexington.

Prayer Request:

Pray for the men doing the Heavy Ruck in Charleston

Bing’s co-worker’s son that has cancer, pray for him (Wyatt) and his family

Hopper’s mom is the hospital, pray for her and the family

Pray for Clinch as he is deployed, pray for him and family

Dunphy’s Mom

Pray for Mayhem’s grandmother-in-law celebrating 101st birthday, having health issues





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