• When: 03/14/15
  • QIC: Blah Blah
  • The PAX: Honey Bun, Misty & Blah Blah

The Workout That Never Ends

Rainy and 48 degrees

The Thang:

3 Pax rolled out of the fartsack to take on the rainy gloom.  YHC was

We startded at the Big Boy Stairs up to the top one burpee then down to next set of stairs up to the top two burpees next set three burpees at the top of the stadium sairs four burpees back down then AMRAP pull-ups next back to the track continue around to complete the lap we all stayed together to #GetBetterTogether
After coompleteing 14 stes of stairs we finished the last four minutes AMRAP pull-ups. In the end we ran 2.29 miles and compleated 50+ pull-ups & 105 Burpees

There was plenty of chatter to keep us pushing and encouringing eachother.

3rd F across from bus parking lot Wednesday’s 5:30
P200 March 20
MudRun April 11th
F3 FIA GORUCK Light May 1st
GORUCK Challenge July

GORUCK Heavy guys
PAC still fighting Rabdmylolysis
Roony & Cool Runnings knees

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