• When: 3/14/15
  • QIC: Inuit and Alter Boy
  • The PAX: Columbo, Leadbelly, Lamont, Fiji, Slim Jim, Stones, Meltdown

The Strut Brigade and The Herd Converge for “The What” AND “The Why” of F3

Saturday morning’s rain did little to deter The Strut Brigade and The Herd from converging at Jumanji for their daily downpainment. This day was a little different in that not only did they post for “The What,” the workout itself, but also for “The Why” in the form of a hands-on Q-school led by YHC. T-claps to Inuit for allowing me to co-Q the workout to cover some of the 1st F info during the workout before heading off to coffeeteria to discuss the 2nd and 3rd Fs in more detail.

BOM led by Slim Jim

AB Q: Disclaimer. Explained the purpose AND importance of the disclaimer and why it should be covered before every workout.

Mosey around parking lot. Designate Columbo as mumblechatter specialist and Leadbelly as Sweeper.

Collect bricks and mosey to school.

SSH X 25 IC 4CT (That’s Side Straddle Hops, 25 of them, In Cadence as a 4 Count exercize)
Imperial Walkers X 20 IC 4CT
PlankJacks X 20 IC 4CT
Calf Raises X 20 IC 4CT
Merkins X 10 IC 4CT
LBC’s X 20 IC 4CT
Squats X 20 IC 4CT
Burpees X 10 OYO
Big Boy Situps X 20 OYO

YHC explained the importance of starting workouts by easing into the heart of the workout by warming up all of the major muscle groups. We also talked about the importance of teamwork and accountability coming from an outside force.

Inuit Q:
20 dips IC 4CT
Partner up, wheel barrow down breezeway /flapjack
25 squats IC

Mosey to front of school
20 iron crosses / flapjack
15 merkins IC
Bear crawl back (ALL THE WAY BACK!) to breezeway #crowdpleaser

1st partner runs lap around parking lot while other does decline merkins / flapjack

30 step ups (per leg)

Partner up Brick toss (Remember that thing about the disclaimer???) Aye.

Collect bricks and mosey back to ball park entrance
Plank until 6 arrives
Lunge to brick pile

AB Q: Circle up for how to count (HTC)

YHC explained in detail the importance of HTC. All pax got an opportunity to practice SSH and be evaluated for accuracy and tempo. Well done by all!


BOM led by Alter Boy

Moleskin: Great work by all this AM. 8 of the 9 pax came to coffeeteria/Q-school afterwards for good fellowship and an opportunity to learn more about “The Why” of F3. Lots of good discussion, questions and observations were made by the pax.

Mud Run sign up is still on, just at a slightly higher price.

Prayer request for Columbo’s mother Linda as she is experiencing a kidney ailment.

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