• When: 6-11-15
  • QIC: Malfunction Junction
  • The PAX: Banana Boat, Peachy, Slum Lord, Weezy, Windex, Implant, Turnbuckle, Bowflex, Sawdust, Gravedigger, Lube, Harbaugh

Pyramids of Pain

Conditions: 71 Degrees and humid

13 PAX post at The Hollow to get sweaty! YHC tried not to disappoint.

25-Imperial Walkers
25-Flutter Kicks
Rinse & Repeat

Alt Bear Crawl, Low Crawl & Crawl Bears across field.

Pyramids of Pain
Merkin Pyramid:
1 Merkin then 5 count, 2 Merkin then 5 count, etc to 5 Merkins then count down.

Squat Pyramid:
Same as above except to 10 then back down.

Rinse & Repeat both except to 5 on the squats. Feel the burn!!

Mosey to wall for Peoples Chair to F3 Cadence. Just a reminder the faster you repeat the less sitting you have to do.

Balls to wall. Count off the PAX then back.

25-Hip Thrusters
25-Flutter Kicks
25-Jane Fonda’s
Six Inches
25-Hello Dollys

Good mumblechatter here. Hip thrusters should definitely increase performance:)

One more Merkin Pyramid

Stop for second
15-SSH until time

Mosey to Parking Lot

Good work from the Hollow PAX. Remember you’ll get out what you put in! Work hard and reap the benefits.

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