• When: 2021-03-16
  • The PAX: Grave Digger, Cramps, Stalker, Kenwood, Hoist, Tribe, Lego

Pre-P200 Workout

Knowing that the P200 was coming, YHC needed to give the legs a rest.  But, had to provide a hard enough BC to keep the Hollow trash talk down to a minimum. Therefore bear crawls and block work was the order of the day.

Due to the threat of rain, everything was done under the covered walkway.

At One end of Walkway 10 Overhead Presses.  At other end 10 Kettle Bell Swings.  We varied how we got from end to end.

Round #1 – Carry Block in left hand

Round #2 – Carry Block in Right hand 

Round #3 – Leave Block and Bear Crawl and mosey back

Round #4 – Overhead carry block

Round #5 – Leave Block and Bear Crawl and mosey back

Round #6 – Extend arms in front of chest and carry block

Set the blocks down (for awhile).  20 merkins, mosey to other end, 19 merkins, etc. until we do 10 merkins.

Rinse and Repeat Round #1 thru #6.

Finish up with a little bit of Mary.  


Hollow needs a Q for Thursday.

Saturday BC is at Surge.


Note Book, No Show, and Slim Jim with their battles of cancer

Kids returning to school

Pax in the P200


Every day when you wake up, you can focus on the negative aspects of your life, or you can focus on the positive.  The choice is yours and the consequences are monumental. 



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