• When: 3/31/15
  • QIC: Malfunction Junction
  • The PAX: Netflix, Whisper, Cabana Boy, Blackout, Peptalk, Chum, Saywhat, Shank

Next exercise is….Crab Hip Thrusters….SayWhat?

Conditions – 48 and Clear

Started with Crypt BOM

9 PAX came out in the crisp Gloom looking to work their core with YHC.

5-Forward Fold Stretch
10-Little Arm Circles – Both Ways-IC
10-Big Arm Circles – Both Ways-IC
10-Low Slow Squats-Arms OH-IC
10-6 Count Burpees-IC

The Thang:
YHC had some work done by F3’s well qualified Structural Integration Therapist Pajanimal before the P200.
He showed YHC some basic tweaks to crunches and some other exercises to do to help strengthen the core and hip flexors. So YHC shared these.
20-PJ Crunches-IC
20-PJ Reverse Crunches-IC
20-Flutter Kicks-IC
20-Hip Thrusters-IC
30-Jane Fondas-IC – 15 EA Leg

Lunge Width of Field
Bear Crawl Back

10-Low Slow Squats-Arms OH-IC

Crab Plank Series:
15-Crab Reach-Extend Leg Out and Up and Touch-IC
15-Crab Hip Thrusters-IC

5 Minutes of Plank-O-Rama

20-PJ Cruches-IC
20-PJ Reverse Crunches-IC
50-Flutter Kicks-IC
20-Hip Thrusters-IC
30-Jane Fondas-IC – 15 EA Leg
10-Boat Canoes-IC
20-American Hammers
10-6 Count Burpees-IC

Mosey back to Crypt circle.

Moleskin: The PAX worked hard. Lots of hip thrusting (you can never have enough of this) and even a bit of yoga mixed in. YHC encourages all PAX to attend and/or Q a workout at this AO. If you would rather not run or are rehabbing an injury, this AO is for you. Also great for new guys and those wanting to target core muscles. Core workout is not about getting a six pack (although you will see results). Core work is very important to staying flexible and injury free.

Count A Rama
Name A Rama

Good Devo by NoHelp concerning proper use of the liberty we’ve been given in Christ. Very important and timely instruction.

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