• When: 2018-01-13
  • QIC: Track Hoe
  • The PAX: Moist, Prom Night, Freon, Muggsy, Don Carter(FNG), Track Hoe, Mercy Rule and 2.0(will name later)

Modifying the backup plan

Conditions: 33 windy. Cold. I was pumped with the number of PAX  considering the weather.

Disclaimer BOM Prayer

Mosey to protected area from wind



Squat 20oyo

Imp walkers 20ic

Squat 20oyo

LBAC(f&r)/OH Clap/Dirty Bird 10ea ic

Squat 20oyo

What we did:

I’ve been planning a “full plank session” but with the wet field had to modify. Area protected from the wind wasn’t big enough. Move to the P Lot.

R1 –

Burp x10 > Bear Crawl to Curb > Hand release Merk x10 > Crawl Bear back to line > Peter Parker x15 >Plank Walk to curb> Werkins x10 > Plank Walk to Line > Parker Peters x15> Crab walk back to curb> Burp x10. YHC realize he was losing the PAX workout designed for a straight line w less concrete. Time to Modify.

To the steps there was a lot of work done here some may be left out for time sake just going to list what I remember:

On the Steps other than just getting up and down them:

Calf raises increasing by 1 each time – Good Choice

Staggered Squat. Alternate sides 1 foot on lower step – Ehh

Squat increasing by 1 each time – ouch

Work done at the top and bottom:

Dive bombers 2x – 10 /Vups – 15 /BBSU – 20+ish/ Mtn Climbers – 15/ Frozen Flutters OMC holding 6in /Burpee 10 /Diamond Merkins x10 /Plank Jack 2x 20ea /Groiners x15 /Dolly 15ic /Box Cutters both directions x15ic

YHC used to workout with FNG at the gym prior to F3, at lunch w other pax Thursday his name came to mind text message sent. FNG said he’s been wanting to “join”  excited to have him post. Not talking to FNG in a while names in head were based around drugs (worked at nephron) FNG changed jobs now working in nuclear fuel Westing House. Trying to keep politics and offensive names out w respect to recent failure of unnamed project. Pax settled with Fuel Rod. Mercy Rule brought 2.0 FNG but due to bad forecasting by local news station they made the smart decision to leave.

Count-o-rama /Name-o-rama /Prayer

Devo. Provb 26:11(NLT) As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness. – I find humor in this translation but it relates to so many areas of life. We all have the habits we need to let go or change but as we all do we return to what we know and what is comfortable even if its not best.