• When: 2020-10-15
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: Soaker, LEGO, Dr. Lovin (R), Lizard Man, Coon Dog

Light Poles & Napalms

Weather Conditions: 68°

5 Pax took the DRP and stepped up to face whatever challenge was thrown their way.  The plan was to roll out an old favorite with a few variations to keep things fresh.  As expected the Pax crushed it and probably wished the counts would have been doubled to make things even slightly difficult (especially the Napalms).  Although we missed a number of our finest regulars, strong work was done.  Here is how it went:  

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to the Block Pile and Circle Up in the Parking Lot


▪ SSH x25 IC
▪ Curls x10 IC
▪ Imperial Walkers x20 IC
▪ Shoulder Press x10 IC
▪ TTT x 15 IC
▪ Tricep Extensions x10 IC
▪ Windmills x10 IC
▪ Alpos x10 IC

Block Carry to the base line on the Big Field facing the 6 Big Light Poles

Light Pole Ladder

▪ Exercises to be completed at Light Poles: Merkins, Plank Jump-Ins, & Plank Jacks
▪ Begin at the Baseline – Run to the Light Pole
▪ 1st Light Pole – x1 each exercise
▪ Back to the Baseline – x10 Napalms, Run to the Light Pole
▪ 1st Light Pole x1 rep each, on to 2nd Light Pole x2 reps each, back to 1st Light Pole x1 rep each
▪ Back to the Baseline – x10 Napalms, Run to the Light Pole
▪ Repeat Steps and add 1 additional Light Pole each set (3rdLight Pole x3 reps each and so on)
▪ When crossing the side walk between 3rd & 4th Light Pole, do x10 Squats & x10 Monkey Humpers
▪ Plank when finished
**Exercise Totals**
• x91 Merkins, Plank Jump-Ins, & Plank Jacks
• x60 Napalms, Squats, & Monkey Humpers

Return Blocks to the Block Pile, Overhead Carry across the Bridge

Mosey back to the Shelter for x1 Minute of Wall Sits




▪ 10/19:​Gauntlet Starts – Snakepit @ 5am
▪ No F3 Christmas Party this year, AO parties TBD

Prayer Requests & Praises

▪ Cheers Hamstring
▪ Ponzi
▪ Cowbell’s family
▪ LEGO’s friend going through a divorce


Devo:  Transform Your Heart

Judas had the best Pastor, the best Leader, the best Advisor, & the best Counselor.  Yet he failed.
The problem is not the leadership or the church you attend.  If your heart or character does not change or your heart doesn’t transform, you will always be the same.

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