• When: 2020-10-16
  • QIC: DoubleFault
  • The PAX: Watergate, Paparazzi, JD, Pothole, Casio, FloppyDisk, Bonzai, FN3, SteelToe, Pennystock, Arrears, DoubleFault-r

Slip Sliding Away

12 pax posted for a wet and muddy game of Froccer under the lights at Riverland Hills Baptist Church. Although today would normally be a soccer day at Clash, YHC took the Q and decided to let the pax decide. A vote was held and frisbee won the day. Great times this morning and the 2ndF was strong.

Conditions: 70 deg w/ 98% humidity and sloppy field conditions

We split the teams up between dark shirts and colorful shirts. Bonzai rolled in right on time (i.e. Bonzai time – not to be confused with on time). It was a high scoring game with at least 35 goals. This may be a Clash record. We would consult the record books but the archives were not well kept until this past year. Colorful shirts won bigly

Top Five

  1. Welcome, Paparazzi. He came for the soccer but stayed for the slop. Best start to today’s game was Paparazzi’s first play. After scoping out the teams, he looked at YHC and said, “You all are wearing cleats. You guys are serious.”  Dark shirts then kicked off to us and Paparazzi was off. However, as soon as he stopped running he slid about 5-10 yards like he was on an ice skating rink and plopped right down in the mud. Don’t forget those spikes next week, Paparazzi.
  2. The Sniper Arrives. After receiving shade from our own AOQ last night in the DM for his disc tossing skills, Watergate showed up big today. Not only was he all over the field flashing the speedy wheels, he was a stone cold killer scoring goals today. He had about 3 to 4 bullets that ripped the back of the net. Yes, they were all thrown from inside the six, but he never missed. Games like this will build up the confidence for a kid with so much potential.  We are looking for big things to come the remainder of the season.
  3. Hands of Glue. JD showed us today why he was recruited so hard as a possession receiver. He would’ve made OBJ jealous.  Although he may have been on the losing side, he never dropped a pass thrown to him. Not even one. All day long. Impressive effort.
  4. Floppy May or May Not Have Been Touched.  Floppy continued his whining today in an attempt to cover up his inability to make an accurate throw.  Could it have been YHC’s suffocating defense that caused the bad passes? Don’t ask Floppy that question. He acted as if being “grazed” while throwing was akin to being physically violated. Nothing that a long shower can’t help, Floppy.
  5. Throwing Bombs. YHC and FN3 had a couple of long distance ringers today. While 2 were thrown from midfield, YHC recalls one from about 70yds that was a thing of beauty.  Shooters shoot.


  • VENUE CHANGE: Frisbee tomorrow at Snakepit (White Knoll HS) 0700-0800

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