• When: 2020-10-17
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: JD, STH, Lunchable, Lunch Lady, Dracula, Arrears, Soccer Mom, Fool's Gold, Jazz Hands, Lap Dog (Running/Portion of Work Out), Lumbergh, Milk Man, Laettner, Bellhop

Introducing The JD: All The Carries – Depot, October 17, 2020

In the ongoing series of honoring the #UTP of Lake Murray (The Smithers; The Pothole; The Arrears; The Moose; The Neckbrace; The Spano), this morning we introduced The JD.

Strong, resilient, candid, loyal: These are adjectives we can assign to everyone’s favorite physical therapist hailing from West Virginia.  To that end, we attempted to create a workout that lived up to the way we feel about him.  Along the way, the Q edified the pax with various facts about West Virginia, as well as JD’s alma mater, the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health.

It was a classic Saturday workout: Work + The right pax with the right attitudes + Room and space during the workout for some fun chatter.

Conditions: The chill of an early fall (upper 40’s/lower 50’s); dry.


Grab 2 blocks; hustle up to the upper soccer field; drop blocks on the side line; head to the middle of the field and circle up.

Once circled up: Introduction; disclaimer; begin the exercises.

-SSH (IC) (x15)

-Imperial Walkers (IC) (x15)

-TTT (IC) (x15)

-Merkins (IC) (x10)

The Thang

JD has been on a trajectory of #acceleration within recent times.  It’s been both impressive and inspiring to witness.  His good work in and of itself makes you want to do better too.

Head to the sideline to your 2 blocks; you’ll be working alone today.

1. The Shuttle

This will use both of your blocks.  It will also involve exercises sans the blocks.

Do 25x of the selected exercise.  Once complete, shuttle your first block to the other sideline.  Then run back and complete another 25x of the same exercise.  After that, shuttle the second block to the other sideline and run back.  Once complete, wait on the 6.  The pax will stay together from one exercise to the next.

Four exercises. The exercises:


-Big Boys;

-Squats (with the blocks); and


2. The Farmers Carry

Similar to the shuttle, however, during this set of exercises, the pax will be farmers carrying both blocks.

Do 25x of the selected exercise.  Then farmer’s carry both block to the other side line.  Run back.  Do the next 25x of the same exercise.  Then run to the other sideline, grab your blocks, and farmers carry back.  Wait on the 6 until starting the next set of exercises.

Two exercises.  The exercises:

-Mountain Climbers (double count); and 

-Flutter Kicks double count).

3. Carry and Exercise w/ Blocks

Back on the sideline closest to the parking lot, the pax as a group will move from corner to corner-stopping at the half field line on the long sides) around the parameter of the soccer field and do 20x of the exercise with the block at every stopping point. Total of 6 stopping points per round.

The exercises with blocks:


-Curls; and 

-Bent over rows.

Simple, not easy.

Due to time constraints, we only did the overheads.  

Head back to the block pile, drop off blocks, and head to the parking lot.


-Lumbergh Birthday Q next week.

-Moose 3rd Anniversary Q next week.

-Thirsty Thursday at Craft/Draft in Irmo.

-We give thanks for Jazz Hand’s mother’s full recovery from her recent stroke.

-We remember and ask God for his grace re: JD’s sister’s pulmonary health.

It was privilege to lead today’s Q.  JD is arguably one of the key pax that holds this group together.  He is a cheerful spirit; as well, he always keeps moving forward.  He is someone we can learn from and emulate.




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