• When: 05/22/2015
  • QIC: Meatball
  • The PAX: Thumbs Up, Marsha, Heisenberg, Crack, Pew, Granola, Candystripe, Mac, Meatball

It’s That Dang Time Again

A total of 9 pax came out this morning to better themselves at the monthly Dang 5k.  3 of the pax (Mac, Candystripe, and Granola) started out early, around 4:30 to run across dam and into Irmo.  They returned right around the same time as the 5k pax.  The three XXLers put in a little over 8 miles.  Of the 6 pax running the 5k, there were 3 newcomers.  Always fun to have some new faces out there setting benchmarks to improve on.  YHC ran earlier to be able to be at the finish line and record times.  Always fun to see a fellow F3er putting in some miles before #Anchor.

Conditions: 67 degrees (breeze in your face on way out, none on the way back)


The Thang
Mosey to the traffic light after the locks of love.  Circle up for a quick prayer.  At YHC’s command, runners run 1.55 miles across dam, turn around right after parking lot entrance on other side of dam and return to starting point.  Total 3.1 miles.  Mosey back to parking lot.

View results here.


Tclaps to the 3 XXLers who put in over 8 miles this morning.  For them, its just another Friday putting in some miles.  For the rest of us, the 5k would suffice.  We had one PR, three new faces to the Dang 5k, and one Encourager.  Great work by all.


  • F3 Winnsboro launch this Saturday.
  • Jailbreak 5k this Saturday 8:00am – Shawshank at 6:45 for double down.
  • Next Thursday – 5/28 – Jeff Streucker from “Black Hawk Down” will be speaking at First Baptist Church Columbia at 7:00. Free and open to the whole family.
  • The Crucible, June 27th – View Preblast.
  • GRC and GRL, July 10th and 11th.
  • Sweet Baby O 5k 8/1.
  • Stomp The Swamp 5k @ River Bluff High School on August 29th.  There will be a special “Double Down” medal to anyone completing a F3 Workout and the 5k.  A code to enter when you sign up online.  More details coming soon.
  • Lexington 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon in November 2015.

Prayer Requests

  • Two prayer requests for Granola.  One is a co-worker, Anna, who is pregnant, and the other for Austin, a teen soccer player who suffered a leg injury.  Prayers lifted up for both.
  • Continued prayers for Walker as he returned home yesterday from Duke.
  • To all the men and women who are serving, have served, or have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting this great country of ours.  Without them, we wouldn’t have the freedom to have organizations such as F3 in our lives.  So, to the active and retired veterans, Thank You.

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