• When: 05/22/15
  • QIC: PYT
  • The PAX: Double Dribble, Freon, Shank, Bulldog, Knozit, Notebook, Dumphey, Scotch, Nighmare, Forrest, Toe Ring, Weekend Special, Floppy Disk, Utah, Fast Casual, Clipboard, Swanson, Wapner, Quesenbury, Ken Doll, Khakis, Iron Mary, Long Haul, Cheech, Pavorati, Chandler, Tumbler, Catheter, Fracture, No Help, PYT, Ranger, Socrates

The Gauntlet Day – 5 – The Reaper Hill

33 Pax post to The Reaper Hill for Day 5 of The Gauntlet. Fracture promised a surprise and proceeded to crush The Reaper with 7 laps carying 120lbs! he started the day 10 point behind Dumphey and proceede to pass him by 40 points by the end of the 45 minutes.

Points can be seen on the spreadsheet linked below:


A total of 14 Pax posted to all 5 of the first 5 Days! There have been total of 66 different Pax participating in The Gautlet. Great participation and fun to have so many different faces in The Gloom for some special workouts.

The Final Day is Tomorrow. Given that this is a Saturday and many Pax have family obligations, Pax posting to one of the following will be awarded the 100 points for the day. It must be one of these three as they have been determined to be worthy of The Gauntlet Tough Status:

Battle – 7:00 AC Flora HS Columbia

Crypt – 6:15 – NoHelp Memorial Day Workout. It will be special!

Shawshank – Jail Break 5K Double Down – 6:45 @ Shawshank. You MUST do the Double Down to get credit for The Gauntlet.

Thanks to all the Pax who have participated and made this a great week!




Pray for Audra, Walker and Wapner’s Grandfather

  • Jailbreak 5k 5.23.15
  • Sweet Baby O 5k 8.1.15
  • Stomp The Swamp 8.29.15
  • Shawshank start @ 6:45a this Saturday (5/23/15)

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