• When: 06/17/2015
  • QIC: Quest
  • The PAX:  Blowout, SlimJim, FNG - Flea, GED (Respect), Malfunction Junction, Gitmo, Socrates, Quest

It’s only 30 Seconds!!

YHC wanted to try something new at Anchor, the last couple times I have Q’d there has been a lot of mumble chatter which told me were not working hard enough. So time to mix some cardio with the bells.

Head down close the rest rooms and lets circle up and get started
SSH – 25 IC
Little Arm Circles – 25 IC each way
Overhead Claps – 25 IC

We will do several Ladders in this same format.
1st exercise for 30 Sec
30 Sec Rest
1st Exercise – 30 Sec, 2nd Exercise – 30 Sec
30 Sec Rest
1st Exercise – 30 Sec, 2nd Exercise – 30 Sec – 3rd Exercise – 30 Sec
30 Sec Rest
1st Exercise – 30 Sec, 2nd Exercise – 30 Sec – 3rd Exercise – 30 Sec, 4th Exercise – 30 Sec
60 sec rest

Ladder #1
– KB Swing
– Burpies
– Squat & Press
– Merkins

Ladder #2
– Sit & Press
– Mountain Climbers
– Bob & Weave
– Squat Thrusts

Ladder #3
– Jump Squat
– KB Swing
– Jump Lunge
– Squat & Press

Ladder #4
– Alt KB Swings
– Bob & Weave
– Burpies – we stopped here so we could save some time for Calf rasies

Head over to the stairs for Calf Raises
3 way Calf Raises
Straight Raises – 20 IC
Heels Out – 20 IC
Heels in – 20 IC

We had a couple minutes left, so I wanted to share with the guys the Burpie Block with KB’s
I demonstrated the exercise and we began
We would start the a Burpie form and do 1 merkin on the block, come up to a row, then 1 squat, then up to 1 shoulder Press
Next set – 2 Merkins, 2 Rows, 2 Squats, 2 Shoulder Press

We only did this for 5 minutes but I did enough to see that I could add Anchor to the tour this month. More to come!!

– First Friday Fathers will commence June 6 and will be held every first Friday of the month during the Summer. – PreBlast http://f3nation.com/2015/05/30/first-friday-fathers-is-back/
– Lexington 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon in November 2015
– Color Me Rad run coming up – See Floppy Disk for details/discount
– F3 Dads camp coming up in August
– The Crucible, June 27th – View Preblast
– GRC and GRL, July 10th and 11th
– Sweet Baby O 5K, August 1. Registration is now open
– Stomp The Swamp 5k @ River Bluff High School on August 29th. There will be a special “Double Down” medal to anyone completing a F3 Workout and the 5k. A code to enter when you sign up online. More details coming soon
– Blue Ridge Relay, September 11-12

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