• When: 2020-09-10
  • QIC: IPC Wk 2
  • The PAX: DARPA, SundayDriver, Quisenberry, Canseco, Booster, Swanson, BreakfastClub, ThumbsUp, PickAxe

Iron Pax Challenge Week 2 at Turning Point

This week puts us in the downhill side of the challenge. Chatter about the Wk 2 workout prior to this week was about how tough it is. 9 pax put that chatter behind them and posted to put it behind them.

Weather was low to mid 70s and seriously humid.

4 paxs up early to help YHC set up the wheel of misfortune inside the track. Many thanks for the help guys. 

At 5 am disclaimer was give and prayer said then the group moseyed to the blockpile, grabbed a block and headed to the field.

The workout is amrap style over a time of 43 minutes. Starts with 400m run, 10 thrusters at the flag, rifle carry block around cones set up in a wheel pattern at 25 m from the flag set in the center. After completing 25 reps the exercise at each spoke block is rifle carried back around the flag for 10 thrusters. Exercises at the cones were decline mercans, blockees, kb swings, weighted squat, vertical chest press, alpos. One round equal 220 reps.

Workout was tough but a good test. It was good to have Breakfast Club and Thumbs Up join us this morning.

Announcents: 9/11 memorial run tomorrow morning at stampede, Preblast is out. Smokehouse event on 9/26, deadline to guarantee shirt is coming up soon. Cheech 10k and lex half are on

Prayer requests: Quis Fil and Mother, First Baptist Columbia members

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