• When: 2020-09-11
  • QIC: Watergate
  • The PAX: Steel Toe, Penny Stock, Sparty, Paint Chip, Dance Off, FN3, Pinot, Olive Oil

When the lights go down in the city

Conditions – Cooler than it has been but still humid, damp field, and 75% visibility

We converged for another game of futbol this AM, despite protests and calls for frisbee from the usual suspects. We were unable to lure a few soccer regulars, but still welcomed 9 dedicated players, which we split into a friendly game of 4×5.

The four-person team of YHC, Dance-Off, Steel Toe, and PaintChip got the better at first before the other squad came storming back and nearly took it toward the end. Once the deficit was trimmed to two, Olive Oil cut the stadium lights (like that one year at the Super Bowl that some people think was a conspiracy), claiming that he thought he set the timer for an hour. Right.

In an homage to Graveyard, the glow ball came back out for a few minutes as the lights cooled down and eventually came back on. The glow ball did not go well, making us all appear to be even worse than we actually are. For some reason, it only lit up mid-flight. Some goals were still managed.

There were many “breaks” taken on defense, particularly by YHC, as we all work to return to our pre-COVID form, when we loafed out of laziness and not out of necessity. Paint Chip surely had to lead the way with goals, as he preferred to take the ball almost all the way to the right corner and cross it into back of the net.

YHC also granted five minutes extra time due to Olive Oil’s lighting ploy. All in all, it was a cleaner game than one may have expected, and we all even looked like we knew what we were doing at times.

Counts and names

Prayer requests – We remembered 9/11 prior to the game. YHC’s mother in law in the hospital, Steel Toe’s grandfather fall and possible surgery for his back. Pennystock taking an important test, and Sparty’s mother in law recently diagnosed with dementia.

Some form of frisbee next week!

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