• When: 2020-09-03
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Iron Mary (R), DooDah (R), Daisy, Doc Luvin' (R), Coon Dog, Ramrod, Dunphy (R), Soaker

Inspector’s Gadget at Shawshank

8 pax showed up for Week 1 of the Iron Pax Challenge. Rumors were flying around that this one may kick a little hiney…well, these studs looked at Inspector’s Gadget and gave an impressive performance. Shawshank men have never backed down from a challenge.

Surprisingly, no one showed up for Stride Lite. Pax started trickling in early to do OYO stretching. Coon Dog brought a pretty, pink iPad for timekeeping. The golden sticker award goes to Iron Mary for bringing the tunes. I blame my slow time on the selection of Barry Manilow tunes…doing lunges to a slow song added at least 24 minutes to my time.

Weather: 77 with 88% humidity. Perfect for an abnormal amount of sweating.

1 minute warning, Disclaimer, no FNG’s, Opening Prayer…right into the party.

3 burpees – EMOM

50 hand release release merkins

100 leg raises

150 jungle boy squats

200 big boy situps

250 stationary lunges

So, that was fun.


Dam to Dam relay registration is open

9/11 challenge on 9/26

Saturday – convergence at CAT – 6am

Prayer requests:

Dunphy’s dad (and rest of family)

Lego’s family


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